Blue Sun


The official timeline

9.20.2517 – the crew receives a wave from Mags and heads towards Shepherd’s Mission

9.22.2517 – the crew arrives at Honey Valley, and steals away with the veterinarian.

9.23.2517 – The crew arrives on Lilac, then leaves when Reavers attack.

9.24.2517 – the crew arrives in Honey Valley.

9.27.2517 – the crew leaves Honey Valley for Li Shen’s Bazaar.

10.07.2517 – the crew arrives at Li Shen’s Bazaar.

10.08.2517 – the crew arrives at the Uroborus Asteroid Belt, and eventually arrives and departs from Wolfram #372.

10.11.2517 – The crew arrives at Li-Shen’s Bazaar again where Dionaea is then arrested, released, etc.

10.12.2517 – The crew boards the Heavenly Rose in the morning and attends the Masquerade Ball in the evening.



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