Anna Washburn

Percival's Sister


Age: 18
Home Planet: New Melbourne
Face: Britt Robinson

Occupation: University Student
Affiliations: University of Osiris, A few local shops where she’s worked, Ant Planet’s Auto Body.

Morality: Very go with the flow.

Motivations: To get and stay away from New Melbourne.

Class: Middle class.

Family: Sullivan, her brother, her aunt, and her uncle.

Alliance: Neutral –
Crime: Neutral – has been around crime, and has been known to be okay with it.
Mega Corporations – Neutral / Negative
Browncoats – Neutral

Personality: Artsy.

Association to Crew: Sullivan’s Brother.

Last Seen:
The day Sully got on the Robin’s Egg, when she was fifteen. Stays in communication with Sully, and Sully sends a portion of his cut to her and the family.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Father/daughter bonding moments. Punching out her first boyfriend, that kind of thing.

None Yet.

Anna Washburn

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