Benedict Bonney


Age: 37
Home Planet: Three Hills (Georgia System)
Face: Martin Freeman

Occupation: Tobacconist
Affiliations: Bill Bonney’s Tobacco Shop, Omosta Farms (plantation).

Morality: Down-to-earth blue collar. Live, and let live.

Motivations: Honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Class: Lower class.

Grandparents: Bill & Martha nee Wayne Bonney.
Parents: Deceased.

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Corporations: Neutral
Crime: -

Personality: Enjoys the finer things in life, tobacco in his pipe, big breakfasts, and the comforts of home.

Association to Crew:
Once hired EV to do a job to help out his grandparents.

Last Seen:
Stopped by to cherry cigars a few months ago.

None so far.

Benedict Bonney (Martin Freeman) – 37 – Negative Alliance, Positive Brown Coats, Negative Crime, Neutral Corporations. Home planet is Three Hills in the Georgia System. Tobacconist. Runs Bill Bonney’s Tobacco Shop. Parents are deceased so his grandparents raised him.
Grandfather – William “Bill” Bonney
Grandmother – Martha (nee Wayne)
He enjoys the finer things in life like big breakfasts, tobacco in his pipe, and the comforts of his plantation, Almosta Farm Plantation. Has built the plantation from the small farm his grandparents worked from the time he was young.
EVE last saw Benedict within the past few months when she and Duplaix stopped in to get mini cherry cigars from Bill Bonney’s Tobacco Shop, among other things. Mrs. Bonney invited EVE and Duplaix to have lunch with the family on the back porch of their home.
Benedict sends EVE recordings just to say “hi” and to catch up. During his last message to EVE he informed her that he has met a girl who he thinks could be “the one”. He said he would give her more information when he sees her next.

Benedict Bonney

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