Bennett Tao


Age: 42
Home Planet: Londinium
Face: Dwane “The Rock” Johnson

Occupation: Technology Officer
Affiliations: Blue Sun

Morality: Good guy.

Motivations: Enjoys the work, and wants to be with EV, even if it’s not

Class: Middle Class


Alliance: +
Browncoats: +
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: Friendly, polite, proper etiquette, optimist, positive.

Association to Crew:
EV’s former fiance.

Last Seen:
EV sees him regularly when possible.

Notable Moments / Memories:


Bennett Tao (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) – 42 – Friendly. Former Fiancé. Bennett is not currently dating anyone and will meet with EVE when she is in town to go out to dinner and to fool around. Believes that he and EVE will be together, but not as a married couple. He respects her decision for not wanting to be married, but would like to spend the rest of his life with her. Trying to convince her that they do not have to be married in order to be together. Has a positive disposition and often looks at the positive side of life, as EVE does. He is a technology officer in the Blue Sun Corporation who sought out EVE’s help with a hacker problem when he could not access the hacker’s code. Neutral Alliance, neutral brown coats, positive corporation, negative crime that hurts people, but okay when it helps- i.e. hacking.
Met EVE through a gathering at a birthday party thrown for Fitzy O’Connor by Canary O’Connor. Considered himself lucky to be given a spot on her dancing card during that party.
Last saw EVE when she was on vacation. They went to dinner at The Capital Grill in an effort to recreate their last dinner on Osiris at The Capital Grill. They spent two days together going to parks, dinner, and shopping for antique books

Bennett Tao

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