Caili Mei Edwards

Evelyn's little sister


Age: 33
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Lucy Lu

Occupation: Housewife
Affiliations: None

Morality: Volunteers as much as she can.

Motivations: Just wants to make everybody happy, keep the peace.

Class: Upper Class

Husband: Gregory Rutherford (works for Blue Sun) (38)
Four Kids: Rowena (8), Helena (6), Philip & Sinclair (Twins, 3).

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: +
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: Peacekeeper, obedient. Naive, eternal optimist.

Association to Crew:
EV’s siste.r

Last Seen:
Last week (Dinner and the theater on Shepherd’s MIssion).

Notable Moments / Memories:
The normal sister bonding stuff.

None so far.

Caili Mei (Lucy Liu) – 33 – housewife, attended college, 4 children, volunteers; aim is to keep everyone happy- she is the peacekeeper. Naïve. More positive than EVE. This is the true sister bond that cannot be broken.
Gregory Rutherford – 38 – works for Blue Sun Corp-this is how EVE got her in for Blue Corp. Unable to join in on theater and dinner when EVE was on vacation because he had to work late.
Rowena – 8 –
Helena – 6 –
Phillip – 3 – Twin of Sinclair
Sinclair – 3 – Twin of Phillip

Caili Mei Edwards

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