Canary O'Connor

Fitzy's Sister.


Age: 41
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Alana De La Garza

Occupation: Assistant District Prosecutor on Osiris.
Affiliations: Formerly: Long, Luan, Sparrow (Law Firm), currently: Alliance Government Dept. of Law.

Morality: Justice and law.

Motivations: To persecute criminals, to make them pay.

Class: Upper class.

Parents: Crispin (Father), Camilla Quinn (Mother) – Still holds a lot of aggression toward them.
Children: Son (Augustus Townsley- 16) and Daughter (Sophia Townsley- 15).

Alliance: +
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: Neutral
Crime: -

Personality: Cold and professional, business-like in all her dealings. Displays a lot of love toward her two children. Sees time as a precious commodity.

Association to Crew:
EV’s friend’s sister.

Last Seen:
In passing, one of the times that she went to visit him.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Will often take time off from work when the children have school holidays so she can spend time with them.

Often communicates with Fitzy – often asks for him to stop the fool’s errand regarding his parent’s death.

None so far.

Canary O'Connor

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