Charlotte Harris


The head gunrunner for the Holliday Crime Family


Age: 30
Home Planet: Harvest
Face: Paget Brewster

Occupation: Crime Family Boss
Affiliations: Holliday Crime Family

Morality: Money first, doesn’t shy away from violence but there has to be profit in it or there’s no point.

Motivations: Security.

Class: Lower Upper Class.

Husband and children gunned down by Cosa Nostra, got into crime through a personal vendetta.

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: Neutral (They make good customers)
Corporations: – (They make bad customers)
Crime: + (Very negative against Cosa Nostra).

Sarcastic, heavy drinker, personable, saleswoman,

Association to Crew:
Friends with Dionaea Holliday (definitely the devil on Dionaea’s shoulder).

Last Seen:
Last time Dionaea visited Mags on Lilac (prior to season 1), Charlotte was there with a delivery of weaponry and ammunition, stopped to visit.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Got drunk for the first time together with Dionaea.
Was there for back up the first time Dionaea killed someone.

None so far.

Charlotte Harris

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