Dionaea Holliday

The Good Doctor


Dionaea Holliday: Age 28

Crime doctor, drug dealer, supplier, deals in harvested / modified organs.

From the rim.

Goal post characters:
Loretta McCreedy
Grave Robber
Dr. Frankenstein (that’s pronounced: Frahn-ken-steen)
Dr. Janet Frasier

Primary Motivation: Money / affluence. Vengeance?

Mother: died young.
Father was involved with organized crime / drug trade. Died while she was in med school. She was close with her father before his passing. No siblings.

Close with paternal aunt, Magdaline (head of a crime syndicate / drug industry).
Small but close knit extended family. Maternal side is completely deceased. The family is nonpolitical, nonmilitary.

Prior to crime her ancestors worked in mining and had relatively shorter lifespans due to mining on planet. Mined iron ore.

Magdalene: motivated by affluence / wealth. Middle-aged. Oldest living relative. Motherly and nurturing to “D”. They enjoy cooking together. Unmarried, no children of her own.
* Magdeline killed D’s father. Though D is unaware of this.
* She taught D how to use poison effectively.

Face claim: Famke Janssen, brunette, not red head.

Education: Medical school (Med Acad @ University of Osiris. Same school as Simon Tam) in the core. On advanced track with her schooling.

Employment: Publicly worked for a hospital on Harvest in Red Sun. Privately worked for the Kinahan crime family (which is not in opposition with her own family).

Joined the crew: 2 years ago, with Duplaix.
Religion: Christian, but not terribly devout.
Friends / former coworkers schoolmates:
- Jayne – a mercenary who worked for her aunt. His mom and her aunt are friends.
- Simon Tam – Negative!
- Duplaix – positive (saved life after he was shot but D makes him uncomfortable.
- Wyatt – a marshal who looks out for D
• Not very warm and fuzzy.
Cooking / baking
Makes moonshine / rum
Avoiding Large Crowds / overwhelming social situations.
Dark lipstick.
Romantic History:

Boone – formerly worked for her aunt. He tormented “D” for months / stalked her and then attempted to abduct her. Her aunt put a bounty out on his head and he has been MIA ever since.
Simon Tam! Professional antagonist.
Most Tragic Moment: When her father passed / was murdered.
Happiest moment: Graduating from med school.
Coming of Age moment: becoming aware of her family’s drug / crime involvement.
First adventure: the first time that she delivered drugs for her father as a teenager. She had not left the planet yet.
How did you meet?
Met Duplaix after he was shot and his crew left him behind.
Evie contacted D and asked / directed her to Duplaix for help as he was bleeding to death. She saved him and removed the bullet from his chest.
How has your character crossed paths with the alliance?
She has cared for many alliance soldiers as well as killing / poisoning a few for her aunt.
Browncoats? She has had several browncoats under her care and gets along well with them.
Companion Guild: Relatively indifferent.
Mega Corporations: Light consumer. Avoids when possible.
Crime? D is strongly affiliated with her aunt’s crime syndicate. She deals, delivers, brings alcohol to dry planets. She is a doctor to most crime families but is the most loyal to her own. She has poisoned for her aunt and also serves as an angel of death when required / requested.
Alliance: Fairly positive.
Browncoats: Positive.
Companions: Neutral.
Corporations: Negative.
Crime: Positive.

Alliance: Positive.
Browncoats: Positive.
Companions: Uncertain.
Corporations: Negative.
Crime: Positive.
Rim: Negative.
Border: Positive.
Core: Indifferent.
Group Dynamics:
Levi Brooks: Cousin is a doctor for the alliance. Military, border planet, gets along.
Jo Liang: General respect and admiration.
Duplaix Getties: life debt owed, riends, okay with the crime / confidant.
Percival Devolo: Sense of humor.
Sullivan “Sully” Horner: “Fixer” and gruff sense of humor, not a big talker.
Levi Brooks: Not okay with organized crime.
Jo Liang: Disciplined all of the time.
Duplaix Getties: Being stalked by an assassin.
Percival Devolo: He’s the one who started the rumor that she eats human flesh / babies.
Sullivan “Sully” Horner: She is the crush-ee. Also, he believes the rumor.
Disposition: Keeps quiet but unafraid to do whatever she wants.
Moodiness: Generally even keeled.
Outlook: Realist. (“The glass has moonshine in it… and I made it.”)
Integrity: Her morals are not codified but she will defend women and children. She can reliably not cross her own boundaries messed up though they are.
Impulsiveness: Treads a fine line between impulse control and completely impulsive.
Boldness: Not bold but not unafraid to fight if provoked.
Flexibility: She is very flexible and can be off the cuff.
Affinity: She is generally pretty cold and not warm and fuzzy.
She carries herself with confidence but has worked on this for a very long time.
Interactivity: From a business aspect she is very interactive. From a personal aspect she holds back a bit more.
Disclosure: Very unlikely to disclose things about herself without great trust.
Conformity: Bucks tradition. She was socially awkward when younger (why she didn’t get along with Simon Tam).
Sense of Humor: Very dark sense of humor.

Dionaea Holliday

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