Duplaix Getties


Duplaix Getties
Played by: Nelsan Ellis

Goalposts: Arya Stark, Lafayette Reynolds, Cullen Bohannon, Cheshire Cat.

Concept: Ex-companion out for revenge, on the run for a murder that he did not commit, but was planning to.

Motivation: Revenge! And hurt the alliance.

Grandmother: Madea?
Cousin: Terraria: Raised alongside, have grown distant as she supports the alliance. A year or two younger than Duplaix.
Mother: Yvonne Coryphee
Father: Unknown.
Ex-wife: Li Lee: divorced me due to my politics. Didn’t want legal trouble complicating her shipping business.

Companion educated, self-defense saboteur skills learned from mother and her coconspirators.

Abandoned by former shipmates on a previous job, nursed back to health by Dionaea Holliday.

Wei-Wei Phan: Stalker, female assassin.
EV: Cortex hacker and netizen who has helped me track revenge targets.


Wei-Wei Phan
Li Lee (still in love).

The Law
Wei-Wei Phan.

Most Tragic Moment: Losing everything when found over the corpse of an Alliance officer, Montgomery Underwood.

Happiest moment: See above.

Coming of Age: Stabbing someone when caught stealing.

1st Adventure: See Employment.


Alliance: Wanted for questioning (murder)
Browncoats: Mother was a sympathizer and participated in ‘activities’.
Companions: Yes.
Corporations: As a consumer.
Crime: Probably through Dionea (Cate).
Alliance: -
Browncoats: N
Companions: –
Crime: +

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Companions: +
Corporations: N
Crime: +
Rim Planets: N
Border Planets: +
Core Planets: -

Levi Brooks: Dependable / likes companions.
Jo Liang: Hasn’t turned me in.
Dionaea Holliday: Saved my life.
Percival DiVolo: Hasn’t crashed the ship.
Sully Horner: Technical Knowledge.

Levi Brooks: Was alliance.
Jo Liang: Was also alliance, being reliant.
Dionaea Holliday: Things she’s said / inferred.
Percival DiVolo: From the core. Left fiancé on wedding day. Pro-religious.
Sully Horner: Closed off… unless talking ships.

Disposition: Laid back, deflects with sexual innuendo.
Moody: Generally not.
Outlook: Pessimistic, but calls it ‘being a realist’.
Integrity: Shady, but will not harm the innocent.
Impulsive: Not usually but will occasionally have moments.
Bold: In the past, cannot now.
Flexibility: Yes, adaptable.
Affinity: Warm
Comportment: Will blend w/ scenery until he has read the situation.
Interactivity: Highly, but tries to avoid touching.
Disclosure: “Let’s talk about you, sugar.”
Conformity: Social chameleon.
Humor: Witty, less slapsticky.

Duplaix Getties

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