Elizabeth Foster

Levi's Partner in Crime


Age: 28
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Adrianne Palicki

Occupation: Housewife, Mother
Affiliations: Louisville Congregation,

Morality: Good, personal over social.

Motivations: The lazarite dream – having the family. Having fun, having an adventures. Wants to go and travel one day (for a vacation – have an adventure and then return home).

Class: Middle Class.

Husband: Eli Foster
Son: Eli Foster Junior

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: + (romanticizes them a little bit, not political)
Corporations: Neutral (they don’t affect her).
Crime: -

Personality: Adventurous in her way, vicarious through the books she reads, down to earth otherwise, blue collar. “One of the guys” loves sports and enjoyin’ time with friends with food and drink.

Association to Crew:
Levi’s Friend.

Last Seen:
Levi got a wedding invitation but didn’t go, so one of the summers just after college was the last time he actually saw her.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Playing together as kids: hunters and reavers.

None so far.

Elizabeth Foster

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