Emmeline Lewis

Jo's Mother


Jo’s mother, the matriarch of the Liang family. Wife of Chao Liáng and mother to Gabriel, Jo, and Louisa.


Age: 63
Home Planet: Persephone
Face: Sela Ward

Occupation: Runs the Liang Household
Affiliations: Liang Household, various charities

Morality: Lawful (obeys the law of the land and the laws of her traditions), Neutral (not overly concerned with good or evil on the cosmic scale so much as whether or not something benefits her and her family).

Motivations: To be a good wife and mother, to support her husband in his endeavors and his career.

Class: Wealthy upper class, from family money originally and married into money as well.

Father – deceased
Mother – deceased
Younger brother – Armand Lewis – a colonel in the Alliance Military whom she sees rarely but is friendly / cordial with.
Youngest brother – Leopold Lewis – an executive in the Blue Sun corporation whom she sees rarely but is friendly / cordial with.
Husband: Chao Liáng – with whom she has a proper, almost formal, traditional relationship with.
Son: Gabriel Liang – whom she has disowned and disavowed.
Daughter: Jo Liáng – whom she is extremely disappointed in, but still has hope for somewhere.
Daughter: Louisa Liang – Her golden child, her pet, whom she is very protective of. She wants her to follow the traditions she has tried to instill in her, especially after the ‘loss’ of her other two children.

Alliance: +
Browncoats: Extremely negative
Crime: –
Corporations: +

Can be cold at times, but is most often gentile. She can be warm in private, but only with those she is familiar with. She is not considered someone to be trifled with by anyone who knows her from society, though she is submissive to her husband and her cultural traditions. She is a strong individual, with a silent manner, and a non-practicing Christian.

Association to Crew: Jo Liáng’s mother.

Last Seen: Jo saw her right before she left home, but didn’t tell her mother that she was leaving. She said good morning, left for work, and never came back.

Notable Moments / Memories:

  • When Jo decided to join the military and her mother was highly opposed to it – she didn’t consider it proper work for a lady. Though her objections were eventually overcome when she realized how determined Jo was about it.
  • Their personalities sometimes clashed throughout Jo’s adolescence.
  • Jo rejected the traditional definitions of womanhood that her mother endorsed throughout most of their time together.

None so far.

Emmeline Lewis

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