Fitzy O'Connor

Evelyn's fall guy


Age: 34
Home Planet: Osiris, currently on Redrock
Face: Karl Urban

Occupation: Cortex Technition (Formerly)
Affiliations: The Signal (Formerly), Redrock Penal Colony

Morality: Good man, even if it means violating the law.

Motivations: Making the world a better, freer, place. To shine the light on what the Alliance is doing to people.

Class: Low class (prisoner).

Parents: Deceased – murder/suicide that FItzy has been investigating for several years, believing it to be a cover up by the Alliance.
Sister: Canary O’Connor

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Corporations: –
Crime: + (Not just crime for gain, but illegality as rebellion he’s very supportive of).

Rough around the edges who’s actually a big softie when you get to know him.

Association to Crew:
EV’s friend.

Last Seen:
EV – visits him once a year on his birthday, though she keeps in touch through coded messages when possible.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Met EV when she was trying to get a group of kids to stop throwing stones at a kitten.

Roughly three years ago, he went to prison in place of EV, taking the blame for a job she had pulled. He was sentenced to ten years on Redrock.

None so far.

Fitzy O'Connor

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