Jacob Brooks

Levi's Father


Age: 61
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Harrison Ford

Occupation: CEO of Brooks Brothers
Affiliations: Brooks Brothers, Deacon of the Louisville Congregation, Chamber of Commerce Representative to Town Council.

Morality: A good man, believes in the scriptures, by the book: law abiding, but it does bother him to report to the Alliance, he values freedom.

Motivations: Business and Family first, finish raising his sons, grow the business and see it placed into capable hands but isn’t thinking about retirement at the moment, feels like he’s going to work until he’s dead. Unhealthy work ethic in that regard. Can be unpredictable due to emotional reactions, sometimes he goes with his guts.

Class: “Border Baron” – Upper middle class of his world.

Father: George Brooks (deceased – 2505)
Mother: Elaine Brooks (deceased – 2506)
Brother: Isaac Brooks
Wife: Rachel Brooks (formerly Cavanaugh)
Son: Levi Brooks
Son: Joseph Brooks – Missing
Son: Reuben Brooks
Son: Dan Brooks
Son: Simon Brooks
Son: Asher Brooks

Alliance: –
Browncoats: neutral (sympathetic but not supportive)
Corporations: neutral (entrepreneural)
Crime: –
Levi: negative (blames Levi for Joseph’s departure, and disappointed in Levi’s actions / choices in life, doesn’t want him to come home because it upsets his mother, willing to keep it professional).

Personality: Friendly enough, a businessman first, a father a close second, a good man third, builds naval ships in bottles, ‘shoots from the hip’.

Association to Crew: Levi’s Father

Last Seen:
When Jo and Levi bought the ship, kept the interaction professional, last interaction was a silent handshake and then they went their separate ways.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Working together, letting little Levi take the controls as they test flew a ship, throwing the ball in the yard, their first fishing trip with grandpa, arguing near constantly.

None so far.

Jacob Brooks

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