Jerome Greengrass

Distant Cousin


Levi knew him, of course, during his youth, but they were never close and didn’t interact much, whether because of the age difference or the personality differences. Jerome is a very smart, analytical businessman. He knows his numbers and keeps the books of the business, mentored and shepherded by Uncle Isaac. But where Levi could be abrasive in a fun-loving, punch on the shoulder, ruffle the hair kind of way, Jerome is abrasive in his attitude and tone. He’s simply poorly skilled at the arts of diplomacy and charisma and he does not have close friends. There is a know-it-all feel to his manner of speech. It isn’t necessarily malicious; he just never learned or isn’t capable of behaving any differently. He is a bachelor. That said, his skill at the business is significant and he is eldest of the next generation working at Brooks Brothers. He is the likely successor (in what would have likely been Levi’s spot, if he hadn’t embraced the Alliance and left Lazarus).


Age: 34
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Johnny Galecki

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Affiliations: Brooks Brothers

Morality: Success first, morals second.

Motivations: Wants to take over the Brooks Brothers business, and feels that he’s only a few years away form doing so.

Class: Middle Class.

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: Neutral
Crime: -

Personality: Abrasive, not very sociable, poorly skilled at charisma and social endeavors, not a good salesman, a bit of a know it all.

Association to Crew:
Levi’s mother’s cousin’s son.

Last Seen:
Flaunting his position and checking up on Levi the last time he was there (to buy the ship).

Notable Moments / Memories:

None so far.

Jerome Greengrass

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