Lam Teng

Security Officer at Li-Shen's Bazaar


The Security Chief at Li Shen’s Bazaar. A beautiful woman. Too similar to Jo to get along with her.


Age: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown
Face: Liu Yifei

Occupation: Alliance Security Officer
Affiliations: Alliance, Li-Shen’s Bazaar, Niska Crime Family

Morality: Shady as fuck.

Motivations: The almighty credit.

Class: Wealthy.

Family: None Known, though there was mention of a Li Teng.

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Crime: +
Big Corporations: –
Chaosheng: -

A hard case, manipulative, always working for an advantage, not afraid to throw her authority around. On Li-Shen’s she is the law, and she knows it.

Association to Crew:
Dionaea – Arresting officer
Jo – Antagonist

Last Seen:
Last seen having a drink in the Meigui Bifengang Club on Li-Shen’s Bazaar.

Notable Moments / Memories:

S01E03: Hootenanny – Arrested Dionaea Holliday after briefly searching the Cháoshèng. While investigating Dioanea she offered her a business arrangement. She was willing to trade Dionaea her 10k penalty for six names of people she wanted killed. Eventually however, she was forced into accepting the Chaosheng’s payment of Dionaea’s penalty. Later, the crew spotted her in the crowd of the Nikto Niska’s club.

Lam Teng

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