Leah Covington

Levi's old... flame?


Age: 28
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Amy Adams

Occupation: Teacher
Affiliations: School Council

Morality: Traditional morals, ‘good person’, maybe a little selfish.

Motivations: The “Lazarus Dream” – get married, buy a house, raise a family. Values her freedom, wants the Alliance at arm’s length.

Class: Upper Middle Class.

Husband: Robert Covington

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Corporations: Neutral (they make her husband money)
Crime: – (against it on general principle, not much interaction).

Personality: Fun, good spirited, quick to laugh, ebullient, some moodiness or depression sometimes when over-thinking.

Association to Crew:
Levi, former’s romance. She blossomed as high school began and Levi was smitten. They spent much time together. Levi had deep feelings for her, but as college called, Levi’s desires for a life beyond Lazarus and his steadfast embrace of the Alliance began to create discord between them. Leah was a Lazurite through and through and though not political, enjoyed life with the Alliance at arm’s length. The long-distance took its toll, too and the romance ultimately withered.

Last Seen:
When she and Levi broke up during one of his visits home during his college years. Broke up over Levi’s intention to get off Lazarus and join the Alliance, when she wanted to keep the Alliance at arm’s length and wanted to stay on Lazarus.

Notable Moments / Memories:
First everything.

None so far.

Leah Covington

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