Li Zhang

An elder companion


Ident Card
Name: Zhang “Li” Xiaoli
Birthdate: May 23, 2452 (age 48)
Sex: Female


The Gist
Basic Concept: A refined, older companion. Currently toeing the line between continuing to take clients for a few more years yet, or just retire from the world at large and begin to teach.

Primary Motivation: To eventually reach Priestess status, and establish her own House.

Think of your history as an outline rather than an essay, using these periods as your outline headers.
• Lineage – Parents are from an outer rim planet
• Childhood –
• Adolescence – Began companion training at age 7.
• Early Adulthood –
• Recent History –
Now that you have your headers, here are the things to flesh out your history outline

Family: Her birth mother, Reina, was a mail-order bride from an outer rim planet. Her other mother, Zhang Meilin, is an Alliance-friendly diplomat. Meilin traveled there on a business trip to make the “love at first sight” story more believable. Her parents’ relationship was always somewhat reserved in public, but it always seemed that they were in love, or at least very close friends. At this time, Reina has just recently passed away. She has one older brother, Zhang Shunyuan, who is a retired Alliance officer.

Education: Studied on Sihnon in a House located in the capital city of Lu’Weng. Her mother’s political sway and history in the Registry pulled a couple of strings to keep her close to her parents, at least geographically.

Employment: Trained Companion. Specialty instrument is the hammered dulcimer.

Geography: Born mid-spaceflight while her mothers were returning from a diplomatic meeting. She romanticizes this as her birthplace being among the stars, and attributes her wanderlust to that.

Religion: Seems to be more mysticism/pantheistic. Acknowledges her own spirituality through the teachings of the Guild, which are very Buddhist-flavored.

Interests: She loves to learn all sorts of mindless trivia. It rarely proves useful outside of asides to clients.



Tragedy: The death of Reina. Li has been fortunate to lead a relatively charmed and cushioned life, but the death of her birth mother is something that shakes her to her core.

Comedy: The summer before starting her companion training, the whole family went on a vacation to Reina’s home planet. Despite the heavy guard, Li remembers spending hours upon hours lounging around a swimming hole, her brother getting horribly sunburned, and bonfires every night.

Coming of Age:

First Adventure:

How did you meet…?

Interweaving: Li interacts with the Guild and regular clients often. She has a slightly deeper degree of familiarity with Alliance protocols and workings due to Meilin and Shunyuan’s careers. She tries not to take advantage of her family’s political sway.

Group Dynamics


Law, Chaos, or Neutral? Law leaning Neutral. Will abandon any illegal act to preserve her credentials, but will gladly help find loopholes in the law to help others.

Good, Evil, or Neutral: Neutral. Attachment in either direction will hinder her from focusing on her career.

Primary Motivation: To move back to the outer rim planet her birth mother came from, and start a guild house there.

Disposition: Relatively malleable or neutral, which often makes her a mediator or objective observer. Friendly to anyone who is friendly to her, and avoids conflict with less friendly people if she can.

Moodiness: Typically very controlled. Often grows pensive whenever something reminds her of Reina, nowadays. An insult toward her family is intolerable.

Outlook: Realistic.

Integrity: 90% trustworthy. She is only willing to turn her back on someone if they are blacklisted, should be blacklisted, or a gossip.

Impulsiveness: Careful planner. She is a bit of a neat freak in her own space.

Boldness: Quietly proud. Can deliver quite the calm verbal lashing if the situation calls for it.

Flexibility: Highly adaptable in social situations. Hates the cold with a passion, and tries not to exist anywhere under room temperature.

Affinity: She is guarded, which comes off as somewhat flippant sometimes. She definitely has a “game face” for work, which is all about smizing.

Comportment: Shoulders back, chin up, step length never too long, no unnecessary movements. Prefers floor-length flowing garments, like a lot of her peers. Keeps her hair in a neat French braid when not working. Sees undergarments as an unnecessary waste of time.

Interactivity: Loves to learn about darn near everything. She tries to catalogue every little experience in case it might be relevant to teaching future companions.

Disclosure: Likely to share bits and pieces with clients as per the psychological part of companion work. Will only have a conversation about Feelings and her past if she knows you well, because she knows about people’s strong distaste for the Alliance.

Conformity: Highly conformist, within the bounds of companions. “You don’t notice the Alliance looming over you if you don’t look higher than your own head.”

Humor: Cloying sarcasm delivered with a half-grin for work; dry wit outside of work.

Attitude towards… Friendly towards all religions, but secretly can’t wrap her head around hard atheism. She sees the Alliance as a bit of a nuisance, and an overreaching governing body, but also recognizes that she would not retain her credentials if she ever spoke out against them. Somewhat neutral towards Browncoats – she understands the plight and the desire to fight, but thinks that ultimately there is only so much you can do to fight against the Alliance.

Li Zhang

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