Mitchell Edwards

Evelyne's older brother.


Age: 38
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Michael MacFadyen

Occupation: Technology Officer
Affiliations: Alliance Government, Military

Morality: Looks out for those he cares about, not a fan of his ‘no lines’ parents.

Motivations: Wants to right the wrongs of the world.

Class: Upper Class

Parents: Reginald V. Edwards & Veronica R. Edwards
Girlfriend: Samantha “Sammy” Su

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: Prefers small business to big business.
Crime: -

Personality: Easy going, always welcoming a chance to speak with different people, doesn’t voice his opinions much unless he knows you well, otherwise he stays quiet.

Association to Crew:
EV’s brother.

Last Seen:
Last week (on vacation on Shepherd’s Mission).

Notable Moments / Memories:
He taught her tech, always helped her. Sends her money that she just keeps in a hidden account.

None so Far.

Mitchell Edwards

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