Montgomery Pearson


A young ship captain of the Grasshopper Class ship known as The Hermes, cousin of Tristan Hang. Not particularly fond of him either.


Last Known Location: Aboard the Hermes somewhere in the Uroborus Asteroid Belt.

Affiliations: The Hermes

Crime: Neutral
Alliance: -
Big Corporations: -
Browncoats: +


  • S01E02: Pilots – Monty found Percival Devolo and Sullivan Horner wandering toward his ship’s engine room, when he questioned them they claimed to be friends of Tristan’s, which he didn’t believe. After removing them from the ship, he received a text from his cousin, Tristan, and he went and removed Tristan from Xiu – the bar where Dionaea had tried to poison him. At some point later he oversaw the loading up of the goods and the sailing of the Hermes to the Asteroid Belt. After the deal went South with Julius Morgan, Monty agreed to leave his cousin behind if it meant the rest of his crew could leave unscathed. He resents the crew for wanting to sell him into slavery, and was last seen sailing off into the black with all but one of his crew.

Montgomery Pearson

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