Nathan Styles


Age: 40
Home Planet: Ariel
Face: Anthony Stewart Head

Occupation: Crime Doctor
Affiliations: Holliday Crime Family

Morality: Has little to no regard for life, only cares about his books and his studies.

Motivations: Knowledge, experimentation, loves vampire fiction.

Class: Middle Class

Wife: (deceased).
Daughter: Ruby Styles (Alexa PenaVega) – Walter Jr.’s current girlfriend.

Alliance: Neutral
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: + (They make excellent suppliers and costumers).
Crime: + (They make excellent suppliers and costumers).

Personality: Clinical, dispassionate, grotesque sense of humor.

Association to Crew:
Dionaea’s replacement in the crime family.

Last Seen:
Six months ago, when visiting Harvest and Mags.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Dionaea – Enjoy hunting for Earth that Was Artifacts together.

None so far.

Nathan Styles

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