Nikto Niska


Age: Unknown.
Home Planet: Ezra
Face: Colin O’donoghue

Occupation: Night Club Owner
Affiliations: Li Shen’s Bazaar, Niska Crime Syndicate

Morality: Dubious at best, though by reputation he does have a code – of a kind.

Motivations: Unknown

Class: Wealthy

Family: Other members of the Syndicate.

Alliance: Unknown
Crime: +
Browncoats: Unknown
Mega-Corps: Unknown

Seems to be polite, perfectly willing to make a deal.

Association to Crew:
Patron to Dionaea

Last Seen:
In his club on Li-Shen’s Bazaar.

Notable Moments / Memories:

S01E03: Hootenanny – Nikto Niska was the only man Old Tom knew who had tickets to the cruise ship, the Heavenly Rose. When approached by Jo, Dionaea, and Duplaix, he was willing to part with eight tickets for 1,000 Credits a piece. After the trade, he spoke to Dionaea alone, and offered her a job poisoning Xavier Tam. She accepted the job, and took the payment of 20,000 credits (and the promise of a future favor). He was undecided as to whether or not he would go on the cruise himself, but he was listed in the manifest after the crew was on the ship.


Nikto Niska

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