Old Tom

Old Tom knows everybody


Age: Old
Home Planet: Unknown
Face: Peter O’Toole

Occupation: Retired
Affiliations: Unknown

Morality: Unknown, but seems friendly enough and loyal enough to his customers.

Motivations: Fame, Money

Class: Poorly

Family: Unknown

Alliance: +
Browncoats: +
Crime: +
Corporations: +
Crew: +

Personality: Friendly, charming, flirtatious.

Association to Crew: Contact man.

Last Seen: Xiu, Li-Shen’s Bazaar

Notable Moments / Memories: N/A


  • S01E03: Hootenanny – Jo came to talk to Old Tom after Richard pointed her in his direction, the same man he sent Gabriel too. As a man with a reputation for knowing everyone and knowing who to talk to get any job done, the two of them were able to work out a deal so that Old Tom could point her in the direction that he sent Gabriel, who now goes by the name Tom Baker Jr. In return, Jo agreed to deliver a package to a recipient on Persephone.

Old Tom

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