Percival Devolo


Percival Devolo

Goalposts: Washburn, Iroh

What he wants: Peace

Parents: Close relation with father, estranged with mother (early teen years). Separated because father was unfaithful, but Percy doesn’t know that.

Siblings: Two sisters, Estelle and Anna, both older. Both sided with mother in separation.

Extended family: Uncle, ex-alliance pilot.

Employment: In the employ of Jo, was involved with passenger transport before his almost marriage.

Religion: Christianity.

Education: Civilian flight academy, passenger transport.

Friends: Flight school friends Lawrence and Selina.

Interests: Music and art.

Romantic Interests: Liang Louisa, left the altar to join Jo’s crew.

Antagonists: Hang (flight school rival).

Tragic Moment: Percy lost his leg in a pilot training apparatus accident.

Happiest moment: leaving the core to fly with the crew.

Coming of age: Getting into flight school.

Relationship with Alliance:
Relation with Browncoats:
Relation with Companion’s guild: He’s hired a few companions and with him at times.
Relation with corps:
Relations with crime:

Group feelings:
Alliance: Neutral
Companion: Positive
Browncoats: Neutral
Corps: Neutral
Crime: Neutral

Personal Feelings:
Alliance: Negative
Companion: Positive
Browncoats: Positive
Corps: Positive
Crime: Negative
Rim Planets: Positive
Border Planets: Neutral
Core Planets: Negative

Levi Brooks: Similar opinions about alliance.
Josephine Liang: Saved my life.
Dionaea Holliday: Sense of humor.
Duplaix Getties: Very much respects his work with companion’s guild.
Sullivan Horner: Two young guys on the ship.
Levi Brooks: Small squabbles.
Josephine Liang: Reminds me of Louisa.
Dionaea Holliday: She can’t take a joke.
Duplaix Getties: Dark Passengers
Sullivan Horner: Has yet allowed me to pull a crazy maneuver.

Personality: Try to make everyone comfortable and try to make them laugh.

Moods: Very calm unless personally provoked.

Integrity: “Scripture has strict laws against murder, but is a little fuzzy on kneecaps.”

Impulsive: If the situation calls for a quick decision, Percy is on it.

Boldness: Jumping under cover.

Flexibility: Planning is best.

Affinity: Warm with people, unless discontent with situations.

Comportment: Stands tall with confidence.

Interaction: Very happy to be around people.

Disclosure: Would be reserved about talking about his life prior to flight school.

Conformity: Probably wouldn’t be conforming to the normal core planet denizen.

Humor: Teasing people, banter.

Percival Devolo

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