Peter Washington

Levi's Cousin


During his youth, Levi’s cousin Peter Washington (also 29 years old) was also a stalwart ally in all things fun and games. His father is a doctor in Louisville (a settler as doctors are always in high demand) and he married into the family. This made Peter a distant cousin. Who wasn’t, really, on Lazarus? But one loses track counting out the third, fourth, fifth cousins, once or twice removed. Peter and Levi were nearly inseparable in their youth, Levi’s regular sparring partner, a ball player, an outdoors enthusiast who fostered Levi’s enthusiasm for hunting and fishing. And they saw most things eye to eye. All the appeals of the life on Lazarus and the glorious possibilities of the Alliance walked hand in hand with Levi’s own opinions. It didn’t stop the oppositional Levi from arguing with him, but with Peter it was mainly playing devil’s advocate. Peter aspired to be a doctor like his father, but the appeal of the Alliance was strong in him, too. He ultimately enlisted with Levi, served as a medic in Levi’s unit before settling in the core when the war ended.


Age: 29
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Jon Foster

Occupation: Military Surgeon
Affiliations: Hospital on Ariel

Morality: Mostly good, looks toward the greater good over the personal good of the few, more pragmatic about the things that happen, worries more about what he can control than what he can’t.

Motivations: To become a doctor on the core.

Class: Lower Upper Class.

Father: George Washington (Doctor on Lazarus)
Sister: Leah Covington

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: Like Levi, loyal, sometimes abrasive, competitive, good head on his shoulders.

Association to Crew:

Last Seen:
A tender farewell several years ago when Levi left the military to join the private sector.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Levi – most of childhood.

None yet.

Served in the Unification War as a medic in Levi’s

Peter Washington

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