Rachel Brooks

Levi's Mother


Age: 51
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Marissa Tomei

Occupation: Wife and Mother
Affiliations: Gardening Club, School Council, Book Club, Quilt Maker’s of Lazarus,

Morality: Good hearted, good natured, good all around.

Motivations: Love of family, being a mom, being a wife.

Class: Upper Middle Class

Father: Levi (deceased – 2497)
Mother: Betty (aged 71) – Lives with them.
Sisters (3): Mary, Leah, Dinah
Brothers (3): Jordan, Jeremiah, Jason
Children: Levi Brooks, Joseph Brooks, Reuben Brooks, Simon Brooks, Dan Brooks, Asher Brooks.

Alliance: –
Browncoats: –
Corporations: Neutral (doesn’t affect her directly)
Crime: – (immoral)

Personality: Maternal tendencies, wifely duties, and religious living over personal desires or goals. Prone to sadness, otherwise the tender half of the Jacob & Rachel parenting team.

Association to Crew: Levi’s Mother

Last Seen:
2510 – left the room crying after an argument with Levi. She blames him for Joseph going to the browncoats and going missing. Asked him to “Come home, no more.”

Notable Moments / Memories:

None so far.

Rachel Brooks

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