Reginald V. Edwards

Evelyn's Father


Came to Osiris when he was twenty years old, started working his way up and starting a family.


Age: 66
Home Planet: Three Hills (originally), now Osiris
Face: Hiroyuki Sanada

Occupation: Director of the Department of Intelligence
Affiliations: Alliance Government

Morality: Will cross whatever line needs to be crossed to get the job done.

Motivations: Power, he wants control.

Class: Upper Class

Wife: Veronica R. Edwards
Children: Reginald Edwards Jr., Mitchell Edwards, Evelyn Veronica Edwards, Callie Mei Edwards, and Cordelia Edwards

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: +

Personality: Very gruff, cold, stand-offish. Doesn’t express love.

Association to Crew:
EV’s father.

Last Seen:
Five years ago, a heated argument that ended with EV being disowned for helping the rebels.

Notable Moments / Memories:
He was always working.

None so far.

Reginald V. Edwards

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