Richard Corbin

Security Clerk on Li-Shen's Bazaar


Age: Late Twenties
Home Planet: Unknown
Face: Barry Pepper

Occupation: Alliance Security Clerk for Li-Shen’s Bazaar
Affiliations: Alliance Military (Formerly), Li-Shen’s Security Forces

Morality: By the book, but obviously follows through personal favors over personal ethics.

Motivations: Unknown

Class: Middle-Class.

Family: Unknown

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: –
Crew: Neutral

Personality: Young, skiddish.

Association to Crew: Jo’s older brother was his commanding officer during the war until he went rogue.

Last Seen: Li-Shen’s Bazaar


  • S01E03: Hootenanny – Richard was the security clerk who met the angry crew when they came to protest Dionaea’s arrest. He slipped Jo a message to meet him at the Alien, once they met he revealed his relation to Gabriel, and pointed him in the direction of Old Tom, the guy he sent Gabriel to when he came through.

Richard Corbin

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