Sarah Brooks

Levi's Companion Cousin


Age: 24
Home Planet: Lazarus
Face: Maggie Geha

Occupation: Companion – trained on the Border Planets
Affiliations: Companion’s Guild

Morality: Law abiding, non-traditional morals (not judeo-christian, very eastern influence).

Motivations: Aspires to wealth, loves attention, wants to be the top of the heap, wants to get off-world.

Class: Lower upper class.

Father: Isaac Brooks
Mother: Rebecca Brooks

Alliance: +
Browncoats: neutral
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: She has a charisma nearly equal to her appearance. And the companion life called to her. Always passionate and provocative, she found an outlet in the work to maximize her best attributes and use them as a means to achieve remarkable success. And she is on her way. She has been working at the most well-regarded companion house in Dora, Lazarus and she’s one of their most requested. Even the sky is not her limit, as idle talk amongst the leadership is fearful of her becoming a travelling companion and they hope she doesn’t leave too soon. The Brooks family did not respond well to this choice. It is too Alliance. It is an embrace of debauchery of the Alliance, the nearly hedonistic priority of pleasure above all else. That coupled with the Brooks’ family traditional morality created much discord among the family. Of course, Sarah wasn’t the first to make a dubious career choice in the Brooks family line, but she’s the most recent, and perhaps the most successful.

Association to Crew:
Levi’s Cousin

Last Seen:
Had lunch in 2510 to support her striking out on her own in the face of family disapproval.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Playing together as kids, or rather not playing as kids ‘cause they didn’t have much in common. Bonded over being black sheep of the family as adults.

None so far.

Sarah Brooks

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