Stanley Clark

The Medicine Man


A tall lithe man with sharp wit and a salesman’s accumen for business. A bit shady perhaps, but he considers himself charming, even if he isn’t well loved by the crew of the Cháoshèng.


Age: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown

Association to Crew: Patron

Last Known Location: Li-Shen’s Bazaar

Clark Family Remedies
Holliday crime family

Crime: +
Alliance: -
Big Corporations: -
Browncoats: -


  • S01E02: Pilots – He receives the shipment of honey from the crew, and offers them a job to deliver a shipment of Redwater Poultice to Wolfram 372 in the Uroborus belt. When the negotiations are interrupted by Tristan Hang, Stanley suggests they split the shipment, and the cash, and whoever gets the goods there first, and in good condition, gets exclusive future contracts.

Stanley Clark

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