Sullivan Horner


Sullivan Sully Horner
Father – died first battle of unification war.
Mother – went insane with grief.
Left Sully 14, with 1 brother 9, and 1 sister 6. Taken in by Aunt and Uncle who were much older, A-56, U-59.

Education – worked as a mechanic’s apprentice from age 14, went to school until college, dropped out to take over the shop I apprenticed at.

Ant Planter’s Auto Body: 14-23 (took over at 19). (run by Moses Planteri
The Robin’s Egg: 23-24 (Ship Mechanic).
Chaosheng: 25-Current (Ship Mechanic).

Religion: None at all. Like, nope.

Fellow mechanics at shop. 3 guys. Ulysses Davies, Cameron Khaalid, and Roy Stone

Crew of Robin’s Egg. 4 guys. 2 girls.
Captain: Isabella Wolfe
First Mate: Liao Hung-Bao
Pilot: Jess Tucker
Co-Pilot: Su Yen
Doctor: Ingrid Shao
Gunner: Vincent Goth

School friends. 1 guy. 1 girl.
Frank Cho
Grace Oakley

Music, sang in school.
Mechanics and tech.

1 serious girlfriend back home (16-22). Hannah Masterson
1 girl friend who liked me back home. Nina Courtright
Date pilot of Robin’s egg briefly (ended on good terms).

Mechanic at shop who thought I didn’t deserve to take over. Cameron Khaalid
Initial ex gf who dumped me to go to college, prompting my desire to see the galaxy. Hannah Masterson
Previous mechanic of current ship. Bester Griffin

Tragedy: The men telling my mother that my father was killed. The last time she spoke to anyone.
Happiest: Being offered a job on the Robin’s egg, realizing you wouldn’t be stuck on this planet forever.
Coming of Age: Father’s death, or being offered ownership of Ant’s shop.
First adventure: Met 2 alliance soldiers when they told me my dad died for them. Resent them quietly.
Browncoats: Never met any, know of them more as a legend than a real thing.
Companion: Went once, paid for by mechanic friends for birthday after breakup. Didn’t have sex, just talked and vented. Lied to buddies about it, of course.
Corporations: Nah.
Crime: Fixed ships, didn’t care which side of the law they were on. Robin’s Egg was primarily illegal jobs.

Alliance: Neutral / Negative
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: Neutral
Companions: Positive
Crime Families: Positive / Neutral

Alliance: Negative
Browncoats: Positive
Corporations: Neutral
Companions: Positive
Crime Families: Neutral
Rim Planets: Neutral
Border Planets: Positive
Core Planets: Negative

Group Dynamics
Levi Brooks: Mechanic Stuff
Jo Liang: Willing to take a risk with me as mechanic while hardly knowing me.
Dionnaea Holliday: Both like fixing things.
Duplaix Getties: Similar desire to travel.
Percival DeVolo: The “Leg”. Also his love of the ship.

Levi Brooks: Time with alliance military.
Jo Liang: Time with alliance military.
Dionaea Holliday: Unrequited crush, feeling inadequate.
Duplaix Getties: Shuts me down while I talked about ships.
Percival DeVolo: Risky with ship, and doesn’t let me examine leg enough.

Personality: Gruff, short spoken. Closed off and not sure how to be around large crowds. Fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

Very hard to rile up, extremely even tempered, only gets angry at ship issues or mistreatment of those he loves.

Semi-optimistic, yet also a realist, almost optimistic against his will.

Integrity: 10/10 very loyal and trustworthy, almost naïve.

Impulsiveness: Directly depends on who is involved. Will disregard personal safety, not necessarily orders.

Bold: Very timid in life, but will fight if need be.

Flexibility: Not very, needs time usually.

Affinity: Very closed off, until someone is caring and kind. Will have good friendships.

Comportment: Slouches, no confidence besides ship stuff. Feels mostly inferior and inadequate.

Interactivity: Not really. Keeps to himself.

Conformity: About 7/10. Blends in but not all the time.

Humor: Most sharp wit or snark. Love zingers and funny banter.

Sullivan Horner

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