Tristan Hang

Percival's Rival


A cocky, leather jacket wearing, aviator glasses wearing (well formerly anyway), douche. A trained pilot, but not as good at his job as he pretends to be.


Last Known Location: Being held (bound by law) at Li Shen’s Bazaar.

Occupation: Pilot (formerly)
Affiliations: The Hermes (formerly)

Morality: Self interested at best.

Motivations: Money, wealth, fame, chicks. The easy life.

Family: Meifeng Hang

Crime: +
Alliance: -
Big Corporations: +
Browncoats: -
Chaosheng: -

Personality: The worst.


  • He and Percival went to school together where they developed a rivalry. Looking to get Percy out of the way he rigged a test ship to fail, costing Percy his leg during his exams.
  • S01E02: Pilots – Bumped into Percy in the Junkyard at Li-Shen’s Bazaar. Later he interrupted a deal between Jo Li├íng and Stanley Clark, convincing Stanley to split the shipment. He attempted to roofie Dionaea Holliday after she showed some interest in him, thinking it would slow Percy’s crew down. She attempted to poison him in the process, resulting in him being taken into intensive care by his own ship’s doctor. Waking, he engaged the Chaosheng in a race through the asteroid belt, eventually winning after dodging an Alliance Patrol. After the deal went south with Julius Morgan he was almost sold into slavery, but was instead taken captive by the crew of the Chaosheng.
  • S01E03: Hootenanny – After being held in crew quarters for the duration, Jo beat Tristan until he agreed to drop the charges against Dionaea, who had been arrested for the warrant that the Hermes had placed on her. Taking him to the Security Office at Li Shen’s Bazaar he was taken into custody and placed under a 10,000 Credit penalty.

Tristan Hang

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