Veronica R. Edwards

Evelyn's Mother


Age: 62
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Catherine Zeta Jones

Occupation: Housewife
Affiliations: Edwards Family

Morality: Do whatever it takes, zero morals.

Motivations: Self preservation, self ascension financially.

Class: Upper Class.

Husband: Reginald V. Edwards
Children: Reginald Edwards Jr., Mitchell Edwards, Evelyn Veronica Edwards, Callie Mei Edwards, and Cordelia Edwards

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: Neutral

Personality: Doesn’t care much about anyone else, does what she likes to do, does what she can to look out for herself.

Association to Crew:
EV’s mother.

Last Seen:
FIve years ago – when EV was disowned.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Getting taken out for shopping and for lunch.

None so far.

Veronica R. Edwards

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