Walter Taylor Jr

Chief drug runner for the Holliday Crime Family.


Chief drug runner for the Holliday crime family.


Age: 35
Home Planet: Harvest
Face: Joshua Jackson

Occupation: Businessman, drug dealer.
Affiliations: Holliday crime family.

Morality: It’s just business, people are responsible for their own actions.

Motivations: Legitimacy, wants to make Red Eye a legal drug, and wants stability – to make life more appealing and a little less red neck.

Class: Lower Upper Class.

Father (Walter Taylor), Mother (separated from his father, total bitch).

Alliance: + (Likes the security and the stability, dislikes the prying eyes).
Browncoats: + (Fighting for what they believe in, pretty awesome, looks up to them a little bit like cowboys and outlaws, and appreciates that they were trying to make a change for the better).
Corporations: – (They’re the competition).
Crime: + (only way to make an honest living).

Personality: Charming, likeable, salesman, businessman, professional etiquette, not afraid to tell the truth when it needs to be told but in a jovial manner. Will only ever get angry at Walter, his father.

Association to Crew:
Business associate and former romantic interest of Dionaea Holliday, things ended amicably when she left for med school.

Last Seen:
Dionaea – Three months ago, someone she actively keeps in touch with.

Notable Moments / Memories:
First everything, teenage romance.

None so far.

Walter Taylor Jr

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