Walter Taylor Sr

Chemist Extraordinaire


The old cranky neighbor.


Age: 68
Home Planet: Harvest
Face: John Noble

Occupation: Chemist, weird science, drug manufacturer for the Holliday Crime Family.
Affiliations: Holliday Crime Family

Morality: An evil bastard. He doesn’t care about people, he cares about doing things because he can, pushing the limits of science and his own abilities.

Motivations: Likes pushing his own abilities, finding what his limits are and then overcoming them.

Class: Middle Class

Son: Walter Taylor Jr
Wife: Estranged.

Alliance: –
Browncoats: –
Corporations: –
Crime: +

Personality: A bit of a crazy, grumpy, old man. He’s always fiddling with something, pushing the limits, and experimenting with something for reasons only known to him and god.

Association to Crew:
Mentor / Friend of Dionaea, encouraged her to become a scientist / doctor.

Last Seen:
Dionaea – a few months ago, actively stays in touch.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Dionaea – when she got the inspiration from him to go to med school.

None so far.

Walter Taylor Sr

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