Wilfred Devolo

Percival's Father


Age: 51
Home Planet: Persephone

Occupation: Lord, Representing in the House of Lord’s in Persephone’s parliament.
Affiliations: Persephone Parliament, Alliance Military (Formerly).

Morality: Reputation first, morality second, if it even applies to a given situation. Very given to the vice of the wandering penis.

Motivations: Career aspirations, rising to power in the Alliance Parliament.

Class: Upper Class, Wealthy.

Father: Frederick DeVolo
Mother: (deceased)
Brother: Antonio DeVolo
Son: Percival
Ex Wife: Lorelai Washburn
Daughter (Estranged): Anna Washburn
Daughter (Estranged): Estelle Washburn

Percival: Neutral / Negative – disappointed in his choices. Disappointed that he left Louisa at the altar.

Alliance: Positive
Browncoats: Negative
Corporations: Neutral / willing to take their money
Crime: In front of the cameras, against, but a kind of white collar criminal himself.

Personality: Very different public / private personas, but over all quite overtaken by his motivations for money and power.

Association to Crew: Percival’s father.

Last Seen:
The wedding that Percival ran away from. The night before, when Percy was having second thoughts, his father encouraged him to go through with it for the fiscal rewards.

Notable Moments / Memories:
The divorce.

A happy memory of ice-planet and hanging out with his father. A great day.

None so far.

Wilfred Devolo

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