Blue Sun

Status Report - 10.13.2517
Heavenly Blows

DATE: 10.13.2517

TO: Captain Jo Liáng

FROM: Levi Brooks

SUBJECT: Status Report from the Heavenly Rose

CREW PRESENT: Captain Jo Liáng, Levi Brooks, Percival Devolo, Evelyn Edwards, Dionaea Holliday, Sullivan Horner, Duplaix Getties, Li Zhang.


There was no job.

But tā mā de it was no vacation.

First order of business, the crew is alive. It didn’t seem like it would go like that at the start. And somehow, none are in the lockup. Is NN to thank for that? Gorramn, after seeing his crew and organization, is it possible the Cháoshèng owes him no favors? And are we his friends? Zhēn dăo méi!

It took the Cháoshèng 3 days to get back to Li Shen’s Bazaar from the rock, arriving on 10.11.2517. Thankfully uneventful. At least that’s what it seemed until we opened up the bay doors to the LSB security force.

Officer Lam Teng (hereafter, OLT) arrested DH (who was trying to hide). Fallout from whatever left her unconscious when the Cháoshèng pulled out of LSB a few days before. JL took TH away from LB’s guard and instructed LB to go follow up on DH. DG accompanied him.

Nothing much came of that. LSB Security left them to nap. JL knew more by the time she checked in at the security office with TH in tow. Reading LB’s mind, JL must have “encouraged” TH to help. The black eye convinced him of that.

After making JL wait unreasonably long, OLT came out. They spoke. OLT escorted TH into the back. More waiting. Unreasonable waiting. OLT returned. TH didn’t hold up his end of whatever bargain was struck. Instead, it only cost JL 10K credits to get DH released. JL paid the fine and DH was released. (There went our pay from the job to the rock. Did she even say thank you?)

SH and PD successfully purchased replacement parts and fuel for the Cháoshèng. Costs of doing business. Nothing more.

Back on the Cháoshèng, JL informed LB of a possible lead on GL. [Details are not for this report.]

JL left for a meeting and got the Cháoshèng a job. It requires a trip to the Eavestown Docks on Persephone. LB received the cargo on board the Cháoshèng and got it securely stowed.

JL arranged what she needed to arrange to pursue her lead. The crew, of a sudden excited for a luxurious holiday, boarded the Heavenly Rose.

It was 10.12.2517.

There was a masquerade ball the first night aboard the cruise, all fancy duds and masks. The crew attended. LB is unaccustomed to this kind of luxury and was uncomfortable. It likely showed.

Shortly after the party got going, JL and PD waltzed their way across the dancefloor. (There was some courage!) LB sought out some liquid courage to relax while keeping his eyes on JL in case she needed anything. Always on the job.

LB wasn’t vigilant enough, however. The power went out. A shot was fired. The lights flickered and returned. A woman was down on the ground, dying if she wasn’t dead already. Figures wearing Volto masks were positioned at the exits with heavy weapons drawn, though not threatening the passengers – at least not yet. A man in a red suit wearing a mask of a white skull carried a smoking pistol and addressed the passengers: He’s in control of the Heavenly Rose. Stay calm and no one will be hurt, but they will kill to make their point. [No offense, but it seemed they already did that.] They are holding “you wealthy elite” to exchange with the Alliance for previously captured allies. They’re splitting us up. Any action or attempt to escape will result in the indiscriminate murder of the passengers in the other locations. The man in red acknowledged with a nod a woman in a black cat mask and they left together.

The passengers were split into three groups. The crew of the Cháoshèng was divided:
• JL was with LZ (and NN) in the ballroom.
• DH, PD and EVE were led to the ship’s theater.
• LB, SH and DG were corralled in the botanical garden.

LB didn’t know the condition of JL and the others. [I haven’t yet had time to consult with the others; details of what exactly occurred in their rooms will have to come from them.] LB tested his earcom but it wasn’t working. Jammed perhaps? Instead, LB assessed the situation in the garden: all of the passengers were gathered together in the center, surrounding a fountain. There were four exits from the center square, paths leading off into the darkness where there were presumably doors and exits in all directions. An armed guard stood ready at each path.

LB quietly discussed with SH and DG the potential for escape. There were no real ideas just yet. SH remained calm and collected. He showed impressive restraint. They agreed to investigate as cautiously as they could, to see if they could locate any possible impromptu weapons, any opportunities to escape. They scanned the room. Immigration pipes, perhaps? Too high to reach those around the ceiling, but maybe underground?

LB strolled across the space, scanning. A guard shouted. He wasn’t looking at LB, but SH. SH wasn’t cautious enough and now the guards were on alert.

[Improbably, LB spied an old friend: Leah Covington (hereafter, LC), his high school sweetheart. He was shocked to see her here, on this boat of all places. LB approached her and they had a brief reunion. LC was vacationing with her husband, Robert. RC wasn’t in the garden with us and LC was worried. LB offered his company and she gratefully accompanied him back to SH and DG. Introductions. LB encouraged LC to stay with him throughout the course of the events described below to protect her (and RC via the others) and reunite them once the fight was over.]

SH and LB had nothing firm yet in terms of weapons or escape. But with those jumpy guards, they prepared themselves to move if the situation deteriorated.

JL’s voice broke through over the earcoms.

JL was with NN. He had men in the other rooms, too, so find them. LB spotted someone fitting a description and approached him. It was him. The others seemed equally successful. JL instructed EVE to pull up a schematic of the Heavenly Rose and loop the security feed, if possible, to protect everyone from any observing eyes. The plan: NN’s men will create a distraction; escape through service hatches and rendezvous in the cargo bay where all the stowed weapons are kept.

JL gave the signal. DH initiated the distraction.

Shit hit the fan.

LB and SH waited in the garden, poised for action. It didn’t take long.

Chaos erupted across the earcoms. LB heard PD groan, injured.

In unison, the guards in the garden raised their weapons. LB charged the nearest guard and urged SH to get DG and LC into the hatch. The guard clocked LB with the butt end of his rifle, knocking him to a knee. SH opened the hatch and then ran towards LB after seeing him fall. A second guard aimed at SH and shot him in the buttocks. Shaking off cobwebs, LB reached up, grabbed, and pulled the trigger of the guard’s gun, shooting the guard in the head before he had a chance to re-aim. Passengers in the garden screamed. SH shouted at LB warning him about the second guard. SH then changed direction, charged the guard, took him out, and acquired the weapon.

LB commanded DG and LC to get in the hatch, stood, wheeled around, and fired the rifle, taking out the third guard. SH shot the last guard in the face. The garden was clear.

LC was frozen, so LB herded her into the hatch along with SH and DG. NN’s man followed. As the last one dropped into the hole in the floor, another hijacker rushed into the center of the garden firing wildly. With a short burst, LB shot him down.

LB followed the others into the hatchway and called out an “all clear” on the earcom. JL did the same. There was no confirmation from the theater, only the groans and cries of PD and now DH. They were in trouble.

EVE was on the earcom, directing JL on how to get to the cargo bay. She confirmed that PD and DH had not made it down to her. She guided LB through the access tunnels and he ran off to the theater, instructing the others to get to the cargo bay and he would catch up. When he arrived at the theater, the shooting was over. He supposed one of NN’s men had completed the work? Regardless, PD and DH were still there, wounded. LB got them mobile and they all rendezvoused in the cargo bay.

All of the crew of the Cháoshèng was there. Not all were unscathed, but all were alive. And they were safe, for the moment. Unfortunately, the situation was far from resolved.

DH and another doctor attended to the wounded. In the meantime, NN accessed his cache of weapons and he and his men were now armed. Fully.

Likewise, the crew of the Cháoshèng retrieved their stowed weapons.

Other passengers trickled in via the tunnels. [Let me know if you want to talk about Louisa.] As more gathered and more injured, the medical personnel advised that they could help them here, but their best bet was to get them to the escape pods. Unfortunately, the halls were crawling with hijackers, blocking easy access to the pods.

If we could gain control of the Heavenly Rose’s Security Center and Bridge we might be able to divert the enemy, clear the hallways and allow them to get to the pods.
There were 11 of us prepared to fight. 4 from the Cháoshèng (LB, PD, JL, and SH); NN plus 6 others. DH was attending to the injured (and her own injuries). EVE, DG and LZ would remain behind.

EVE hacked into the Heavenly Rose’s security feeds to provide some intel. The feeds revealed in the Security Center a short man sitting at the console wearing black and red and a god-like mask. There was a bodyguard beside him and one other guard in the room. Four additional guards waited in the hall. All the guards wore Volto masks. [If I never see another one of those Gorramn masks again it’ll be too soon.]

The man in red was on the bridge; he appeared to be in charge. There were six others in masks, working the ship’s controls. The regular ship’s pilot was there, apparently piloting. Four guards waited outside.

(Additionally, EVE discovered a crew attempting to break into the ship’s vault. There was a man in a bird mask and a second in a broad-brimmed Stetson: DH’s friend Boyd Elmore whom we left behind on Shepherd’s Moon to nurse his injuries. He has apparently healed.)

EVE spotted the woman in the black cat mask walking the halls around the escape pods. Other guards were running. The remaining passengers in the ballroom had barricaded themselves.

NN recommended JL take a team to strike at the Security Center. He will lead a team to take the Bridge. Get the two teams into position and strike simultaneously. It was a good plan.

The Bridge team consisted of LB, PD, NN and 2 of his men. (JL instructed LB to keep PD safe and to try to keep NN from getting the man in red out alive.)

The Security team consisted of JL, SH, and 2 of NN’s men. (EVE and DH accompanied to support the effort. They would be held out of the fighting as much as possible.)

We moved out.

Outside the Bridge, NN rolled a smoke grenade into the hallway. It blew, clouding the guards and confusing them. NN’s man stepped out and fired some sort of laser into the gas. The gas ignited, engulfing the guards and eliminating all four of them. We moved out into the hall to no resistance.

NN’s man hotwired the door to the Bridge and opened it to a hail of gunfire. One of NN’s men was lit up by the gunfire and killed. After another moment, NN’s team breached the door. NN took a shot to the leg. LB covered the back. PD waited in the hall. As the fight continued LB and PD joined in.

But in mere moments, the Bridge was taken.

NN went straight for the man in red, shot him in the hand and forced him to unmask. He was an older man, maybe 60 years old, gaunt, with black hair, dark eyes, and clean shaven with a long, previously broken nose. No one recognized him or had seen him before.

Sounds from the hall indicated additional soldiers were approaching the Bridge. LB and NN’s man took up defensive positions. PD went to the pilot’s chair to ascertain the Heavenly Rose’s position in the verse.

PD related to NN that the Heavenly Rose’s course was locked in and the ship was headed towards Summerfair, the third moon of the border planet Shadow. The ultimate destination was Penal Colony 4617, Blackwall. Our ETA was 1 hour.

PD also discovered that all external communications had been jammed via a device installed somewhere else on the ship.

NN picked up the comm and instructed all the hostile soldiers to stand down, telling them their leader was dead. Lay down your arms and surrender to anyone with a gun. Come, apologize to NN and he’ll let them go. Do this immediately.

PD dropped his gun.

Firing in the hallway ceased. There were some raised voices and a smattering of gunfire down the hall, but there were no more threats. A white handkerchief floated around the corner.

NN led the man in red into the hatch and politely suggested to PD to reset the course of the Heavenly Rose to New Melbourne. PD changed course.

The fight was over. We had regained control of the ship.


• Personnel:

o DH: Arrest on Li Shen’s Bazaar. Loss of 10K credits to bail her out.
o Crew: Cost of 8K credits to get the entire crew tickets to board the Heavenly Rose.
o SH, DH and PD were wounded during the firefights escaping from captivity.
o SH treated for shock following the combat at the Security Center.
o Crew, generally: Getting caught and captured by the hijackers without any weapons.

o The ship was left behind at Li Shen’s Bazaar.

• Other:
o TH: Walked back his bargain with JL to drop charges against DH.


1. Successful training exercises & communication between pilot & engineer. It was good to see PD and SH working together and doing these exercises unprompted.
2. Successfully scheduled work upgrading _Cháoshèng_’s medical bay.
3. Successfully orchestrated our escape from captivity on the Heavenly Rose, suffering only minor casualties.
4. Quality efforts by SH and PD in armed combat. They both handled themselves very well while in LB’s presence.
a. Especially SH. He maintained seriousness and took direction (nearly to perfection), only disregarding LB’s orders to attempt to be a hero and fight the guards in lieu of getting the others into the hatchway. In return, he was shot. He was ultimately successful. (He took out two guards on his own – he handled the weapon extremely well!) But the ends don’t justify the means, right? However, he ought to be commended. And it might mean a lot to him coming from you. How did he do during the assault on the security office?
b. PD did the little bit that was required of him. He kept himself clean and fired his pistol a couple times. But he needs to develop some confidence carrying and handling a gun. He has asked to train with me and I have agreed to do so as time permits. We’ll get him going.
5. Avoided alienating NN. (Possibly?)
6. Job waiting for us when we reunite with the Cháoshèng.


1. Better monitoring of Cháoshèng mentions/warnings/warrants on the Cortex. Perhaps task EVE with creating a script or hack to do so.
2. Do we need to talk to DH about trying to hide? Or being better at it?
3. Spending 10K credits to bail DH out of LSB security center. Significant use of important ship resources. Can this be recouped? Does it need to be? All things for the crew. I get that. That’s why we follow you. But I believe this was an avoidable loss.
4. TH walked back his bargain to drop charges and help release DH from custody. (Was it too much to ask for guarding him for three Gorramn days?) Will there be repercussions? Is a black eye and leaving him in LSB custody punishment enough? He’s obviously not trustworthy. Let’s know better if we encounter him again. And make sure PD knows better, too.
5. Spending 8K credits to take the crew aboard the Heavenly Rose. Significant* use of important ship resources.
6. PD inquired about scheduling a time with LB to instruct him better on the use of firearms. LB will invite others to join, if they are interested. It never hurts to practice.
7. Recommend drilling on covert communication in case we find ourselves in a situation like this again. Or practice using the earcoms. Or making sure everyone in the crew is so equipped. Or reminding them to wear them. Or all of the above. Tā mā de! It was good to see the way they handled themselves, but it wouldn’t hurt to run some preparation drills.
8. Likewise, let’s talk and figure out some ideas to teach the crew about concealed or impromptu weapons. Getting captured with nothing to protect ourselves put the crew at a significant disadvantage. Nobody should have had access to them on the Heavenly Rose, I know, so we were caught unawares. But we should consider our options moving forward.
9. NN. Do we owe him? Are we now his friend? Does it matter?

*I don’t begrudge your search for your brother, Jo. God knows, if I had a chance to learn anything about Joseph, I’d go to the edge of the verse to find it. Hindsight being what it is fortune favored us all being present aboard the Heavenly Rose when the shit hit the fan. But that was a lot of coin. I’m just not sure we all needed to go, dŏng ma? But gŏu niáng yăng de, that was a lot of coin.


I apologize for my language. I guess I’m still a little jacked.



Teaser: When the crew returns Tristan to Li Shen’s Bazaar, Jo – the captain of the Chaosheng – finally picks up the trail of her lost brother: Gabriel, but when the trail leads to a den of wealthy and corrupt individuals, can the crew of the Chaosheng navigate their way through the masquerade to discern the truth of where Gabriel went? Or will they be lost in a sea of false faces and noble intrigues until the trail grows cold?

Synopsis: The crew returns to Li Shen’s Bazaar where Dionaea is quickly arrested by the security forces there to fulfill the warrant sworn out for her arrest by the crew of the Hermes. Jo pays the penalty in credits and Dionaea is free to go, but one of the Alliance officers slips Jo a note – telling her to meet him later. When they rendezvous he reveals that he used to work for her brother, and that if she’s looking for him, she should talk to Old Tom. The old man says Gabriel was looking for a new face, and he sent him to a doctor known for that kind of work. A doctor currently on board the Heavenly Rose, a cruise ship from the core. They buy their tickets from Nikto Niska, and get on board, only to have the power go out after finally tracking the good doctor down. Then they hear a gunshot pierce the darkness.

The Full Episode

Mission Report - 9.24.2517
Locating Clarence Lee

DATE: 9.24.2517

TO: Captain Jo Liáng

FROM: Levi Brooks

SUBJECT: Report on Job to Collect Clarence Lee from Shepherd’s Moon and Deliver Him to Lilac

PATRON: Magdalene Holliday

CREW PRESENT: Captain Liáng, Levi Brooks, Percival Devolo, Evelyn Edwards, Dionaea Holliday, Sullivan Horner.

JOB OBJECTIVE: Cháoshèng hired to collect Clarence Lee from Shepherd’s Moon and transport him to Lilac


Following dinner on 9.20.2517, the Cháoshèng received a wave for DH. Her Aunt Magdalene Holliday (hereafter, MH) had a job to collect a man she required from the haven of Shepherd’s Moon and transport him to her home in Lilac. DH agreed.

Following the Captain’s consent, the crew of the Cháoshèng prepared for departure to Shepherd’s Moon. SH reported to the engine room to prepare the ship’s engines. PD plotted the course and completed his pre-flight systems check. The remainder of the crew preformed some regular maintenance or relaxed during travel. The journey to Shepherd’s Moon was uneventful.

Around midday on 9.22.2517, PD landed the Cháoshèng outside of Honey Valley at the prescribed shipyard. The crew, with the exception of PD and DG, departed the Cháoshèng and walked into town. Per Shepherd’s Moon law, no firearms were allowed on planet.

DH, EVE, and SH purchased local goods (honey and candles) from the General Store. Discussion with the clerk informed us of an annual Bloom Festival being held on the morrow. Preparations were underway. He recommended inquiring of Shepherd Yang if we wanted more details or to find a way to contribute to the celebration.

Seeking Shepherd Yang, we walked to the chapel down the street. In conversation with an attendee, we learned the mission objective, Clarence Lee (verified by photo as “Larry”), worked in the dining hall.

We entered the dining hall with hopes of putting eyes on Clarence. As we waited, we took a meal of bread and honeycomb, followed by fresh fruit. The friendly locals and wait staff spoke freely to us, confirming that “Larry” worked in the kitchen, but because of the dinner rush, he couldn’t come speak to us until after the dinner hour. We agreed.

Following the meal, DH asked for him and he was brought out to us. He was hesitant to believe her tale, and only relented when she informed him she was MH’s niece. He returned to the kitchen after making plans to meet us at the festival on the morrow. The Captain expressed suspicion; she did not trust him. She suggested DH follow Clarence into the kitchen. She did. He was gone.

Just moments after DH informed us Clarence had run, gunshots rang out close by. The crew pursued the sound. Running into the street we spied a man in a space suit standing on the balcony of the building next door, pointing a gun into a window. He demanded Clarence Lee surrender in the name of the law.

The Captain immediately ordered LB, DH, and SH around to the back of the building to see if they could enter the building and find Clarence as she and EVE watched the “lawman” out front. The local populace was wisely seeking shelter while the leaders of the community, shepherds all, calmly approached the interloper. As LB turned the corner to the back of the building, the back door burst open revealing Clarence running with a rucksack, shot. LB sprinted to follow, corralling him before he got too far. With DH, LB suggested Clarence was safer with the crew; he agreed to return to the Cháoshèng with them. SH returned to the Captain to alert her that our quarry had been caught. They all returned to the ship and the Cháoshèng departed Shepherd’s Moon with haste.

The escape from Shepherd’s Moon went almost smoothly. EVE scoured the cortex for any news of Clarence Lee or pursuit and found none. Unfortunately, in doing so, there was a slight malfunction with the communications system, but it was able to be repaired in short order. DH was also able to patch up Clarence’s wound.

We arrived at Lilac on the morning of 9.23.2517.

MH was overjoyed to see DH and prepared for the crew a selection of her homemade pies and drinks. Following some brief moments of reunion, MH took Clarence out to the stables to study her horses and their sickness. DH attended as well and discovered that the horses were ill from an excess amount of fluoride in their drinking water. She helped save one of the horses before breaking her scanner. SH was able to fix it, but the scope of the job changed.

MH immediately suspected her neighbors, the Edwards family, of spiking her water and requested as a subsequent job: destroy their farm. The Captain declined to do this, but to prevent MH from pursuing this through other means, she agreed to investigate and see if she could find evidence of tampering.

We followed along Blue Creek towards its source testing it at various spots for the poison. Testing proved out that the water was tainted well above the location of the Edwards farm. Their water would be tainted as well. The Edwards’ were not responsible.

Our walk led us to a facility of the Blue Sun Mining Company. It was securely kept, with security cameras and fencing. EVE was able to aid in combating the security system and once inside the structure she helped identify that the machinery inside was malfunctioning and dumping an inordinate amount of fluoride into the local water supply. EVE’s expertise also allowed us to secure copies of their internal documentation revealing the company knew about the problem, had attempted to fix it, but was unable to successfully complete the work. They proceeded anyway.

There was some discussion about what to do with the information, but ultimately, the Captain decided to approach the local authorities. DH warned us that MH would not be pleased. However, with the evidence in hand, we visited the Marshal, Wyatt Kidd. When presented with the evidence, Marshal Kidd agreed to pay them a visit with a Cease and Desist order, stopping their operations until the machinery was properly fixed. With a positive resolution secured, the crew returned to MH’s farm.

As DH predicted, our report didn’t sit well with MH. Also, we discovered she had begun discussions with Boyd Elmore (hereafter, BE) to blow up the Edwards farm regardless. DH and the Captain discouraged them and it appeared we secured a successful completion of the job.

MH’s alarms sounded. MH cried out in dismay that “Reavers” were attacking Lilac in force. The farm’s defensive fortifications immediately slid into place, locking the doors and dropping steel reinforced barriers over the doors and windows.

The fortifications activated so quickly, however, that PD and EVE were trapped outside. With no way to get them inside, they quickly made a run for the Cháoshèng and were fortunate to make it inside and take off before any attacking Reavers could reach them.

The invasion was real. The fight was engaged on two levels: in the skies and at the farmhouse.

In the skies, PD and EVE reacted with speed and aplomb. They manned the laser cannons using them to destroy three Reaver vessels. EVE hacked the computer systems to disable a fourth. They even assisted in eliminating the remaining creatures attacking the house to help staunch their mad rush and provide those of us inside a last chance to escape with our lives.

At the farmhouse, the largest immediate threat came at the front. LB and SH gathered there with the Captain as well as MH and BE. DH ran upstairs with some farm hands to operate the machine gun turret she recalled being there. She fired the weapon at an approaching ship, but missed, being out of practice with the gun. The Reavers, though, evading the fire, lost control of the ship and crashed it directly into the attic. DH was thrown back on impact, slamming into the far wall and breaking her arm.

MH, the Captain, SH, and LB each fired their guns through the gun sights dropping the Reavers wherever they could. BE tossed a small disk which impacted one in the side of the head, then exploded killing it and the two adjacent creatures. The fight did not proceed well, for all, however. All we could do was watch as farm hands caught outside were overtaken and captured by the onrushing Reavers. There was no way to save them but to kill all the Reavers we could. In this first round of action, the Captain was struck in her right shoulder by a piece of shrapnel; MH was wounded in her shoulder as well.

The Captain and BE continued attacking the approaching horde and destroyed all those remaining out front. Reavers poured into the attic from the crashed vessel. DH shot one dead and escaped the sight of another. With the threat up front eliminated, LB rushed to the back of the house and aimed to fire at a Reaver attempting to claw its way through the fortifications. He raised his rifle but his hand was bit before he ultimately levelled the gun and killed the creature. The Reavers from the attic rushed down the stairs, surrounded MH, and subdued her as she screamed out. SH ran upstairs having heard DH’s cry, but before he could level his pistol, a Reaver jumped him from the side, knocking him into a wall and he fell to the floor unconscious.

DH regained her footing only to see Reavers moving through the bedrooms dragging SH and MH behind them. Responding quickly, she raised her gun and fired, but missed as she braced the gun with her broken arm and the pain upon kickback disrupted her aim. LB, hearing the cry, rushed up the stairs and put a bullet through one’s head. Another rushed him, but LB reacted quickly enough and killed the last of the Reavers upstairs. BE tossed another bomb out the back, but the Reavers rushing the back proved too strong for the fortifications there and broke through, taking BE out of the fight. The Captain shot another, keeping her footing as another broke into the house. In this moment, the Cháoshèng destroyed the remaining Reavers outside the back of the house. The Captain killed the last one to make it inside. The fight at the farmhouse was over.

It was clear, however, the threat remained. We had no time to waste. With the fighting calm, the Captain called down the Cháoshèng, we collected our injured crew (as well as MH and BE) and spirited away aboard the ship before any more reached us. We saw that the neighboring Edwards’ farmhouse had been destroyed by a crashed ship. In addition, smoke billowed into the skies from what DH reminded us was the town center. She worried about Marshal Kidd before she recalled that he had intended to visit the Blue Sun Mining Company. With the Captain’s permission, PD piloted the Cháoshèng low over the facility, but it remained secure. Its fortifications had withstood whatever the Reavers had thrown at it.

The Captain directed PD to leave Lilac and the Cháoshèng escaped into the black.


  • Personnel:
    o Levi Brooks: bite to left hand.
    o Dionaea Holliday: broken left arm.
    o Sullivan Horner: possible concussion; monitoring.
    o Captain Liang: shrapnel in right shoulder.
    o Magdalene Holliday: possible concussion, several scratches and bites, full evaluation unknown.
    o Boyd Elmore: possible concussion, cuts and bites, full evaluation unknown.
  • Cháoshèng: Minor laser cannon damage to the starboard hull. Repairs implemented and ship is functioning optimally; safe for travel. Repairs to cosmetic damage to be completed at a later time.
  • Lilac: We left the hometown of MH and BE overrun by Reavers. The family farmhouse of MH also suffered significant damage including a Reaver vessel crashed into the attic. The home is presumably lost or at best will require months of reconstruction and decontamination. Additionally, the house experienced a general failure of the home defenses and fortifications. Not least, the loss of life amongst MH’s staff and farm hands was significant if not complete.


  1. Successful completion of the original objective and payment received.
  2. Additional assistance provided in solving the sickness among the Holliday farm stock as well as exposing to the local authorities (Marshal Wyatt Kidd) the knowing mismanagement of the Blue Sun Mining Company facility.
  3. I recommend PD and EVE for special recognition and a bonus for their skill in manning the Cháoshèng during the fight with the Reavers and saving her from more significant damage.


  1. Upon receiving her message from MH, DH readily accepted the job prior to gaining the direct consent of the Captain. Family obligations aside, this bypassed typical protocol. Reinforce standard protocol for bringing potential work to the Captain for her review prior to acceptance.
  2. We were put into a potentially dangerous situation when the “lawman” smuggled a firearm into Honey Valley. If this altercation escalated we could have been at a severe disadvantage. I recommend we institute some formal training of the crew in hand-to-hand combat and consider ways to secret more substantial weapons on ourselves, for just such an emergency.
  3. There were some moments in Honey Valley where SH expressed discomfort at being in town, explaining only when pressed that he doesn’t like being around shepherds or religion. We escaped any repercussions in Honey Valley, but the larger point remains: as representatives of the Cháoshèng, the crew should be encouraged to express themselves in public with tact and self-restraint, respecting the customs of the local populace and avoiding altercations wherever possible.
  4. Some personal dynamics bear watching. While on Lilac, there was visible annoyance – perhaps jealousy? – in the demeanor of SH when confronted by the familiar banter between Marshal Kidd and DH. His temper revealed itself at an inopportune time and could easily have escalated if DH and the Marshal were more sensitive to it. If the Captain sees personal feelings getting in the way of a smooth-running ship, she should recommend appropriate boundaries to crew relationships.
  5. Most importantly, the crew should practice, rehearse, or at the very least discuss tactical decision making. Thankfully, we all reacted with intelligence and courage in the face of the Reaver onslaught, but we were lucky, too. It can’t hurt to be more prepared, not only for Reavers, but also for attempts by the Alliance or pirates to board the Cháoshèng.
  6. We should discuss reporting the incident on Lilac to the Alliance. Reports of Reavers are typically dismissed as hoaxes or myths. If we weren’t certain before, we all now know how real they are. What is our responsibility to those left behind? What is our responsibility to speak the truth?

The Quick Recap

The official timeline

9.20.2517 – the crew receives a wave from Mags and heads towards Shepherd’s Mission

9.22.2517 – the crew arrives at Honey Valley, and steals away with the veterinarian.

9.23.2517 – The crew arrives on Lilac, then leaves when Reavers attack.

9.24.2517 – the crew arrives in Honey Valley.

9.27.2517 – the crew leaves Honey Valley for Li Shen’s Bazaar.

10.07.2517 – the crew arrives at Li Shen’s Bazaar.

10.08.2517 – the crew arrives at the Uroborus Asteroid Belt, and eventually arrives and departs from Wolfram #372.

10.11.2517 – The crew arrives at Li-Shen’s Bazaar again where Dionaea is then arrested, released, etc.

10.12.2517 – The crew boards the Heavenly Rose in the morning and attends the Masquerade Ball in the evening.

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1. Invite your players

Invite them with either their email address or their Obsidian Portal username.

2. Edit your home page

Make a few changes to the home page and give people an idea of what your campaign is about. That will let people know you’re serious and not just playing with the system.

3. Choose a theme

If you want to set a specific mood for your campaign, we have several backgrounds to choose from. Accentuate it by creating a top banner image.

4. Create some NPCs

Characters form the core of every campaign, so take a few minutes to list out the major NPCs in your campaign.

A quick tip: The “+” icon in the top right of every section is how to add a new item, whether it’s a new character or adventure log post, or anything else.

5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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