Blue Sun



Teaser: When the crew returns Tristan to Li Shen’s Bazaar, Jo – the captain of the Chaosheng – finally picks up the trail of her lost brother: Gabriel, but when the trail leads to a den of wealthy and corrupt individuals, can the crew of the Chaosheng navigate their way through the masquerade to discern the truth of where Gabriel went? Or will they be lost in a sea of false faces and noble intrigues until the trail grows cold?

Synopsis: The crew returns to Li Shen’s Bazaar where Dionaea is quickly arrested by the security forces there to fulfill the warrant sworn out for her arrest by the crew of the Hermes. Jo pays the penalty in credits and Dionaea is free to go, but one of the Alliance officers slips Jo a note – telling her to meet him later. When they rendezvous he reveals that he used to work for her brother, and that if she’s looking for him, she should talk to Old Tom. The old man says Gabriel was looking for a new face, and he sent him to a doctor known for that kind of work. A doctor currently on board the Heavenly Rose, a cruise ship from the core. They buy their tickets from Nikto Niska, and get on board, only to have the power go out after finally tracking the good doctor down. Then they hear a gunshot pierce the darkness.

The Full Episode



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