Blue Sun

Mission Report - 10.09.2517

Honey and Poultice

DATE: 10.09.2517

TO: Captain Jo Liáng

FROM: Levi Brooks

SUBJECT: Report on Honey and Poultice Jobs


  • Shepherd Yang
  • Stanley Clark

CREW PRESENT: Captain Jo Liáng, Levi Brooks, Percival Devolo, Dionaea Holliday, Sullivan Horner, Duplaix Getties, Li Zhang.


  • Cháoshèng hired to transport honey from Shepherd’s Moon to Li Shen’s Bazaar.
  • Cháoshèng hired to transport poultice from Li Shen’s Bazaar to Mining Company near the Uroborus Asteroid Belt.


Upon escaping from the Reavers on Lilac, the Cháoshèng, per MH’s insistence, set a return course to Shepherd’s Moon. We arrived late in the day on 9.24.2517.

The crew sought out medical attention and lodging for MH and BE. The shepherds graciously obliged. Shepherd Yang in particular went out of his way to assist in the arrangements. DH had stabilized them during the flight, but the assistance of Honey Valley will be important for their ongoing recovery.

The crew mainly remained on the Cháoshèng during our stay, assisting SH in his repairs of the damage done by the Reaver ships and patching the damage to the hull. There were a couple of shopping excursions. EVE, especially, seemed smitten with the valley to the point of requesting a leave of absence. She had some R&R coming. The Captain agreed.

The Cháoshèng was flightworthy as of 9.27.2015. As we prepared for departure, Shepherd Yang visited us. His regular contractor, Sullivan Trading Company, had failed to pick up the last couple of shipments of honey destined for Li Shen’s Bazaar. He offered us 300 credits to make the delivery. DH convinced him to throw in 50 quarts of honey and the Captain agreed.

It was promptly loaded and we set off for the Bazaar.

The journey was uneventful and long. During this down time most of the crew kept to themselves outside of meals, some exercise and training, card games and assorted amusements. The Cháoshèng performed reliably.

The Cháoshèng docked at Li Shen’s Bazaar on 10.07.2517.

The Captain, LB, and DH sought our buyer, Stanley Clark (hereafter, SC). PD and SH went searching for a replacement magnetized throttle and some fuel.

SC was the proprietor of a shop of alternative medicine and other remedies. He was not a pleasant character, but not atypical of those we’ve come to meet in the various space stations and markets. He confirmed he was awaiting a delivery of honey and would wait for us to deliver it. The Captain agreed and acted without urgency.

When we returned to the Cháoshèng, we found SH and PD had returned with their supplies. SH was in process of replacing the throttle and had stowed the fuel. DH called DG on the wave and let him know the Cháoshèng was docked if he was free to rejoin the crew. He was and rendezvoused with us in short order. And in time to assist with the delivery of the honey.

When the ship’s repairs were complete, the Captain directed the entire crew to begin carting the honey to SC’s store. The job was completed without a setback.

As the Captain waited for the delivery to be completed another job presented itself. The Captain listened.

SC offered large sum of credits for delivery of a poultice a mining company near the Uroborus Asteroid Belt (hereafter, UAB). The Captain was immediately suspicious. SC wanted “no questions asked.” The Captain insisted.

As SC elaborated, another voice chimed in saying he’d take the job.

PD and SH knew him. It was Tristan Hang (hereafter, TH), a former classmate of PD’s from the training academy. He had a ship and he’d take the job. TH also attempted to undercut the offer. Hearing the back and forth between PD and TH, and obviously recognizing some of the personal nature of the banter, SC decided upon a bargain: split the payload, split the pay. Whichever ship got the merchandise to the mining company faster and in better condition would be rewarded with the potential for additional shipments of the poultice in the future.

The Captain accepted the challenge. LB expressed a desire for urgency. With the “race” underway, some members of the crew attempted to distract TH and hinder his departure. As we prepared to return to the Cháoshèng, a companion approached the Captain and began speaking to her. DG recognized her and joined the conversation. Ultimately, the Captain invited the companion, Li Zhang (hereafter, LZ), to come aboard the Cháoshèng whenever she was free so they could continue their conversation.

LB expressed a desire for urgency. The Captain, LB & DG returned to the ship and awaited the others.

A short time later, LZ arrived and came aboard. Some time after that, the poultice was delivered. As the crew finalized preparing the Cháoshèng, SH and PD returned. SH was carrying DH. She was unconscious.

Without waiting to hear the story, the Captain ordered she be placed in her quarters and the others report to their stations for takeoff. The Cháoshèng departed Li Shen’s Bazaar.

It was early on 10.08.2517 when the Cháoshèng closed in on the UAB. The first six hours of the trip were uneventful, more or less. The only hubbub occurred when DH woke up. She was confused about waking in her bed and not remembering how she got there. In addition, upon awakening, she discovered some graffiti on her personal effects. She was upset and inclined to determine how it happened. It certainly stirred the crew.

During this “excitement,” a wave came through to the Cháoshèng. It was TH and he reached out primarily to taunt PD. It worked. Secondarily, it was a distraction. That worked, too. We were caught unprepared as the Hermes fired an EMP cannon at the Cháoshèng. PD reacted quickly enough and avoided it. All’s fair and all that. The stakes were raised.

Unfortunately, as PD “punched it” responding to the pulse, one of the engine’s two burners went out. SH initiated repairs. LB reported to the engine room to assist. The remainder of the crew was encouraged to strap in. The ride was going to be rough.

PD activated the engines again, catching SH in the middle of his work. SH exclaimed as if injured, but pressed on and never ceased his efforts. The Cháoshèng entered the UAB.

SH made a fix to the burner and satisfied, patched the “new” magnetized throttle, which had cracked under the stress of the flight. As PD continued his aeronautics, the fix to the burner didn’t hold. It went out again. SH attended to the burner; LB assisted. SH got it back up and running. The Cháoshèng was full go.

On the bridge, another wave came through from TH taunting PD. Before he could respond another wave came in overriding the first. It was the Alliance. PD had entered a no fly zone. We were instructed to stop for boarding and inspection.

PD pulled up as instructed. The Captain and LB prepared the Cháoshèng’s paperwork for review as the crew readied themselves for the inspection. The Captain had worked with the Alliance Captain, Eddington Clay, during her time in the service. He remembered her fondly and didn’t press us too hard. Good fortune. Even so, they escorted us out of the UAB and warned us to avoid the no fly zone.

Despite the warning, the “race” demanded we re-enter the UAB to shorten our route to the mining company. Even so, PD stayed clear of the no fly zone. Back amongst the asteroids, a small space rock put a crack in one of the bridge windows. SH responded immediately to the Captain’s call for assistance and sealed the crack.

At about this time, the Captain and PD noticed a flare burst forth from a nearby asteroid and picked up a distress beacon. The Captain waved the Alliance Captain and he promised to investigate. He informed her that he had found the Hermes, but they shook the pursuit and were still flying free.

PD ably navigated into and out of a minefield without any additional damage or distress to the Cháoshèng. Coming through it he had the home of the mining company in his sights.

The Cháoshèng landed.

The Hermes was already docked.

The atmosphere on the asteroid didn’t support life, so the crew donned space suits and disembarked with the cargo for the mining company. We were directed into the office of JM, where we found him in a meeting with the crew of the Hermes.

The Captain accepted JM’s decision to award the Hermes the win and prepared to leave, satisfied at least with the large sum and the Cháoshèng and her crew none the worse for wear. LB followed her towards the door. Then DH spoke up. And no one left.

DH alerted JM that the Alliance was actively searching for the Hermes. That put the Cháoshèng‘s cargo in the best condition. JM concurred and agreed to tell SC the Cháoshèng won the work despite Captain Pearson of the Hermes revealing to JM the incident between DH and TH which resulted in DH’s unconsciousness.

However, considering the attention of the Alliance, JM believed it best to hold the crew of the Hermes as laborers for the mining company. Hearing this, they drew their weapons. We drew ours.

SH jumped into the conversation, defending DH’s behavior against TH as self-defense. SH suggested letting the Hermes crew go except for TH. JM agreed, bemused. Captain Pearson didn’t wait for argument and left the office leaving TH there to suffer whatever fate JM and the mining company had prepared for him.

The Captain vehemently opposed leaving anyone behind. Somehow, amongst the chatter and the arguments, JM became convinced to let TH go into our custody. As we departed, TH remained snarky. With the Captain’s permission PD punched TH in the face, knocking him out.

We returned to the Cháoshèng with TH in tow. He was secured in the Captain’s quarters, under guard.

It was late 10.08.2517 when the Cháoshèng departed the asteroid and set course for Li Shen’s Bazaar.


  • Personnel:
    o Sullivan Horner: Burned hands during engine repairs.
    o Dionaea Holliday: Drugged unconscious during conversation with TH. No evident repercussions, but monitor for lasting effects. Per the Hermes, there’s a warrant out for her arrest on Li Shen’s Bazaar as a result of this incident. Bears monitoring. Perhaps TH can be convinced to help dismiss the charges and DH can avoid any significant complications.
  • Cháoshèng:
    o Window cracked on bridge. Sealed by SH. Monitor integrity of the glass.
    o Second burner failed twice during flight through the UAB. Capably repaired by SH. Recommend full diagnostic to verify integrity of the engine.
    o Replacement magnetized throttle broken, presumably due to stress of flight. Patched but requires replacing. Again.
  • Other:
    o Tristan Hang: In the hold of the Cháoshèng under protective custody. Will remain so protected until the Cháoshèng identifies a location for him to disembark.


  1. Successful delivery of honey from Honey Valley to Stanley Clark on Li Shen’s Bazaar.
  2. Leveraged a successful delivery into additional work.
  3. Successful delivery of the poultice from Stanley Clark on Li Shen’s Bazaar to the mining company.
  4. I recommend SH for special recognition for his work keeping the engines running during the race to the mining company. His inconsistent attitude forces me to not recommending him for a pay bonus despite his exceptional work.


  1. Gaining a supply of honey for ourselves as partial payment inadvertently worked out well for us during inspection. I recommend keeping a portion of cargo set aside at all times for just such encounters in the future.
  2. The emotional responses of our crew. PD and SH are very quick to respond emotionally to circumstances as evidenced by their urging the Captain to take the job delivering the poultice. They were not acting in the best interests of the Cháoshèng and her crew. Even so, their job performance didn’t suffer. PD piloted and SH “mechanicked” quite effectively during the race. They did argue about the lack of communication between them, and as poor as the timing was, it was good to see them attempt to work it out on their own. Additionally, SH seems to easily take things personally and willingly express his frustration – or insubordination – in front of the crew. Address this with him if you like – he might hear it better coming from the Captain – but I have spoken with him about it and will continue to monitor his behavior.
  3. SH also perpetrated the graffiti upon DH’s personal effects. SH found me watching him. I waited for SH to take responsibility and own up to his actions, but when a confession was not forthcoming, I revealed this to DH. This has real potential to escalate. I have warned SH that DH must reciprocate or his affections should cease. This bears monitoring.
  4. Spoils of the poultice job. I recommend putting some resources into the Cháoshèng. She’s not failing us by any means, but with the excitement of our last couple of jobs, it puts me in mind to stock up a supply of spare parts.
  5. Additionally, please consider setting aside some space on the Cháoshèng for the creation of a medical bay. DH has always been satisfied to work in the cargo bay or someone’s quarters, but it might be nice to have a specific cabin for medical care. You never know when it might be put to good use.




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