Cahlin Guy


Age: 36
Home Planet: Deadwood
Face: Nicholas Hoult

Occupation: Cortex Hacker
Affiliations: The Signal

Morality: Acts out of a sense of self, he determines what is right and what is wrong.

Motivations: To bring down the Alliance, without thought as to what might happen to innocent people.

Class: Middle Class

The Signal, otherwise unknown.

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Corporations: –
Crime: Neutral

Personality: Anti-censorship

Association to Crew:
EV’s friend.

Last Seen:
Have not met him in person yet, speaks with him regularly in the chat rooms.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Met EV when she was taking a course in college.

None so far.

Cahlin Guy (Nicholas Hoult) – 36 – Hacker friend, does not agree with Eve helping so many people, but respects her decisions for doing so. Always looking out for number one. Negative Alliance, positive brown coats, negative corporation, neutral crime. Home planet: Deadwood Greatest sense of self. Working to bring down the Alliance without thought as to what may happen to innocent people. Middle Class.
Met online in a chat room through the dark zone speaking about the censorships on the alliance internet system.
Will chat with him via chat rooms on a regular basis.

Cahlin Guy

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