Canary O'Connor

Fitzy's Sister.


Age: 41
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Alana De La Garza

Occupation: Assistant District Prosecutor on Osiris.
Affiliations: Formerly: Long, Luan, Sparrow (Law Firm), currently: Alliance Government Dept. of Law.

Morality: Justice and law.

Motivations: To persecute criminals, to make them pay.

Class: Upper class.

Parents: Crispin (Father), Camilla Quinn (Mother) – Still holds a lot of aggression toward them.
Children: Son (Augustus Townsley- 16) and Daughter (Sophia Townsley- 15).

Alliance: +
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: Neutral
Crime: -

Personality: Cold and professional, business-like in all her dealings. Displays a lot of love toward her two children. Sees time as a precious commodity.

Association to Crew:
EV’s friend’s sister.

Last Seen:
In passing, one of the times that she went to visit him.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Will often take time off from work when the children have school holidays so she can spend time with them.

Often communicates with Fitzy – often asks for him to stop the fool’s errand regarding his parent’s death.

None so far.

Canary O’Connor (Alana De La Garza) – 41 – Fitzy’s older sister who presumed Fitzy is covering up for Eve. From Osiris. Positive alliance, neutral brown coats, neutral corporation, and anti-crime. Left her job as a Junior Vice President at Long, Luan, and Sparrow Law firm after her parents were killed to take up a job with the district attorney’s office to begin prosecuting those who were committing crimes instead of helping them. Holds a lot of aggression towards her mother and father. Cold and professional personality, but displays a lot of love towards her two children. She will often take time off from work when the children are out of school on holiday so that she can spend time with them. She looks at time as a precious commodity. She often sends Fitzy letters to update him on herself and the children. The letters also plead for him to stop the “fool’s errand” regarding his parents’ death.
Father – Crispin O’Connor
Mother – Camilla (nee Quinn)
Augustus Townsley – 16 – Canary’s son.
Sophia Townsley – 15 – Canary’s daughter.
Accepts that her parents were killed in a murder-suicide. Last saw EVE on Fitzy’s birthday when EVE was leaving and Canary was coming in.

Canary O'Connor

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