Evelyn Veronica Edwards


Face: Julia Styles
Played by: Jackie Boone


Evelyn Veronica Edwards – Cortex Hacker

Played by: Jackie Boone
(Julia Styles)

EVE is a 34 year old female who has been with the crew for 2 ½ years and enjoys the many adventures she goes on with them. * EVE* wears contacts so she can see far away, but will often be found during down time wearing her glasses. She likes to keep her dark wavy hair with plum highlights down most of the time, but will often put it up in a messy arrangement when she is working or anxious about something. She enjoys wearing stylish and comfortable clothes. Because EVE has money in a separate account she can often be found looking in the shops and stalls she comes across during her travels.

EVE can often be found wearing black, because it is able to be worn in multiple settings, but enjoys dressing up when she can. Usually wearing a pocket on her belt which contains her source box (source box has a band on the back to hold). Also carries 2 USB drives – one containing viruses and one containing codes in order to hack into the system after the drive has been inserted into a system.

Evelyn, known as EVE is a cortex hacker from Osiris. She was raised in a family well connected with the Alliance by her parents, Reginald and Veronica. She has four siblings, Reginald Jr., Mitchell, Caili Mei, and Cordelia. She is closest with Mitchell and Caili, and often finds disagreement when she is with Reginald Jr. EVE’s family was primarily atheist, but she has found comfort in the teachings of Buddha. In fact, when EVE was young she and her sister, Caili, would go to the Buddhist Temple with their mother’s sister, Belinda (nee Wei) Wynn. This is where EVE learned the teachings of Buddha.

EVE was educated in the most prestigious schools Osiris had to offer. At an early age she showed a keen interest in technology and so she was enrolled in the best extracurricular activities working with technology. Reginald Sr held high hopes that EVE would follow in his footsteps and work for the Alliance. EVE eventually went to the University of Osiris for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. While she was at university, EVE became involved in an underground network of hackers. It was through this network that EVE learned about the Dark Zone of the Cortex. She was recruited by the government to utilize her knowledge of the Cortex to bring down brown coats, but refused to do so after discovering the Alliance had some questionable activity.

EVE strayed from the family and worked for Blue Sun Corp, being recruited by her sister’s then boyfriend and now husband, Gregory Rutherford. While working at Blue Sun EVE was able to assist many people in righting wrongs committed against them. This activity included helping brown coats as well as alliance members. It was also while working here that EVE met and dated Bennett Tao. Though the two are no longer engaged, EVE remains in touch with Bennett and will often meet with him when she is away from the crew. Many of the crew members are not familiar with Bennett, however, Dionnea knows about him.
Left home when she was 29 because she was disowned for helping the brown coats.

EVE is typically happy. She tries to see the positive in every situation and often tries to avoid the negative though it does happen from time to time. She is serious when needed and always willing to lend a helping hand. EVE does have moments of quiet when she does not want to interact with people, but is generally outgoing and willing to speak with anyone around her. EVE is often shy and will wait until others express their opinions before giving hers. However, she is bold when issuing her opinion regarding things she is knowledgeable about (i.e. cortex, computers) or when speaking about helping others. She enjoys quiet time alone in her bunk reading her antique novels that she picks up while out in the markets, bazaars, or while on vacation. It takes a lot of energy for EVE to become angry, but once she does watch out! EVE is generally optimistic, but does have periods of pessimism when she needs to take a break and recharge. After all, why do you think EVE went on vacation? She likes to keep things close to her chest sharing only what she has to with those around her. Duplaix and Dionea know some of the information regarding EVE’s background, but not all (need to discuss with Duplaix and Dionea what they know)

EVE does not like when she is called a “useless woman” or being insulted because she is a woman. She has had this occur and it seems to spur EVE into full steam ahead mode. EVE will sometimes have memories of positive events in her life that will lead to a sad thought. Example: The last time EVE saw her entire family they were gathered around the table having family dinner. It was a relaxed event, something that didn’t typically happen, with all of her siblings, their spouses, her parents, and nieces and nephews. It was not long after this when. EVE’s father and mother disowned her for being “sympathetic to the Brown Coats”. They had discovered that EVE was helping to get information from the cortex related to an Alliance officer arresting a rebel for a crime which she didn’t commit. (need to think of officer name, woman’s name, and crime that was committed)

EVE is trustworthy. She will trust anyone after they are vetted, but has difficulty trusting once a person is disloyal/has betrayed her. She is honest, but sometimes she tells small lies in order to accomplish a means to an end. EVE views her different personas when going on missions as acting and not necessarily telling a lie. For this reason, EVE’s moral lines are slightly blurred depending on the situation. Is it really so bad that she’s hacking into the Alliance system when she’s just trying to help some people out? She thinks not. EVE is generally affectionate with most people, especially those she knows, but she is often aloof when utilizing the cortex or seeking information.

EVE is a planner who likes to accomplish things step by step. She likes to study the outcomes of what may possibly happen through all scenarios. EVE would rather be prepared for something rather than have to impulsively do something. She always carries her trusty source box and extra money on her person at all times for this reason. Although EVE likes to be prepared, she is able to adapt to change and will often go along with whatever happens.

Affectionate with other known people. Will speak / engage with others. Will not engage with people who have wronged her.
Social Drinker.
Bouncy Walker.
Will listen to everyone’s stories, but does not share about her familial history. Dionaea and Duplaix know parts of *Eve*’s back story, but not all.

In line with most of societal norms. Helps the needy. Helps those wronged does not give into pressure of marrying.
Dry humor
Enjoys jokes.

Goal post characters:
Elizabeth Bennett – wit and remarks.
Mr. Robot – hacker.
Josey (The Sugar Queen) – psy qualities.

Goal in life – Primary motivation: (1) Stop hiding and raise a family in peace (2) Help Fitzy discover the truth behind the deaths of his parents (3) Help Fitzy escape the penal colony
- Should I ask the crew to help free Fitzy?
- Should I ask the crew to break into alliance headquarters in order to find information on Fitzy’s parents? Can I persuade my brother or friends to help me with this?

Bullied by Reginald Jr.
Protected by MItchell.
Mitchell helped Eve find love of tech through video games.
Little sister Callie Mei Edwards to play with.
Private schooling – finishing schools
Mitchell helped teach comp code to Eve.
Finn – male – low level economics officer; engaged.
University of Osiris – Tech – Cortex Engineering.

Reginald Victor Edwards (Hiroyuki Sanada)
Veronica Regina Edwards (Catherine Zeta-Jones)
Reginald (Hiroyuki Sanada) – 66 – High level government worker engaged in espionage and was often involved in money laundering. Comes from New Melbourne (boarder planet). Came to Osiris when he was 20 years old. Met Veronica as a one night stand- only reason they married is because she was pregnant with Reginald Jr. Is the Director of Department of Intelligence for the Alliance. Last saw EVE about five years ago when she was disowned for helping rebels and it wasn’t understood why she left government work.

Veronica (Catherine Zeta Jones) – 62 – (nee Wei) Former companion; involved in trading alliance secrets acquired from Reginald & their high-powered friends. From Osiris. Married Reginald because she was pregnant with Reginald Jr. This was planned on her part because she knew he was working on special projects for the Department of Intelligence and wanted to have a way to access information when needed. Loves her children, but also sees them as a way to accomplish and get what she wants. Will she have a use for Reginald Sr. when he retires in four years or will she kill him with poison? Always looking for what will provide her with the best outcome- a quality she passed on to her youngest daughter, Cordelia. Unhappy with Eve for choosing to work instead of marrying like her sister Caili did.

Reginald Jr., Mitchell, Caili Mei, Cordelia
Reginald Jr. (Daniel Dae Kim) – 42 – Government Parliament – Economics – married to Amelia (nee Murray) for 17 years; 5 children. Not happy with Eve’s life decision to leave government work. Feels positively about the alliance and corporations and negatively about brown coats. Often seen with a smile at a party. Has disgust for EVE choosing to leave the government and her family. Has not seen EVE for about 5 years.
Amelia Lynn – 37 – once dating Mitchell, but once she found out that Reginald Jr. had aspersions to be in the government set her sights on him. Is known to have lunch with her friends at some of the poshest restaurants in Capital City. Enjoys shopping and will often take her daughters shopping with her to purchase the “best of the best”.
Abigail – 16 – Last saw EVE when he was 11
Reginald III – 15 – Last saw EVE when he was 10
Victor – 13 – Last saw EVE when he was 8
Abigail – 9 – Last saw EVE when she was 4
Octavius – 7 – Last saw EVE when he was 2

Mitchell (Matthew Macfadyen) – 38 – Tech officer; not fan of parents, helps Eve get out of government, still communicates. Often gets involved in relationships, but nothing lasting because of what he has witnessed between his parents. He is always looking to do the right thing. Neutral feelings towards corporation, brown coats, and alliance. Easy going personality. Goes along with the flow of things. Last saw EVE while EVE was on vacation – went to theater with Caili Mei and Sammy.
Currently dating Samantha Sue Gao – 34 – met Mitchell at work and has been friends with him for several years. Is usually called Sammy by friends and family or anyone who knows her well. Easy going personality.

Caili Mei (Lucy Liu) – 33 – housewife, attended college, 4 children, volunteers; aim is to keep everyone happy- she is the peacekeeper. Naïve. More positive than EVE. This is the true sister bond that cannot be broken.
Gregory Rutherford – 38 – works for Blue Sun Corp-this is how EVE got her in for Blue Corp. Unable to join in on theater and dinner when EVE was on vacation because he had to work late.
Rowena – 8 –
Helena – 6 –
Phillip – 3 – Twin of Sinclair
Sinclair – 3 – Twin of Phillip

Cordelia (Gal Gadot) – 31 – government spy, companion, being pushed by mother to marry. Will lend her allegiance to anyone with the most money. Jealous of the relationship that Caili and EVE have. Hides that she works with brown coats because her family would disown her and she only want the money.
Last saw when I was working a job after I had first joined the crew. She only said she was working and couldn’t talk long. We had a quick talk and then parted ways.
Recent History: Travels to different areas to assist.

Sent money from Mitchell each month which is saved.
Self employed to help companies with computer problems; to help people who have lost money by dastardly means; volunteers at shelters to help people with financial problems or computer based problems.
Worked for Blue Sun Corporation as a consultant. Does have active credentials as of October 2517.
Dionaea Holliday – met during general education classes at University of Osiris. Roomies.
Joined group 1 1/2 years ago after completing a mission – referred Dionaea to other companion to assist after being in jail.

Mitchell – Older brother.

Caili Mei – Younger sisters; naive, looks at positive of all.

Janyne Quy (Grace Park) – 33 – friends since childhood, doesn’t agree with choice to leave family, now only speaks once a year. Writes a letter to EVE once per year to update her on what is going on in her life. Home planet Osiris. Works for Blue Sun Human Resources and is always going by the book. Friendly and opinionated. Not hesitant to express her opinion.
Married to Albert Quy. Has one child, Albert Jr. – 9
EVE went to Janyne’s house to tell her that her family had disowned her for helping the rebels and Janyne agreed with her parents. Ended in a “how could you” fight.

Katherine Morrow (Gong Li) – 34 – friend since teens; no longer talking because Katherine told Eve’s parents that Eve had a sympathetic heart when she was 23. A busy business consultant who looks at men as conquests and is often found in the best restaurants in Capital City. Will sometimes meet Amelia (Reginald Jr.’s wife) to have lunch so that people will not discover that she is helping Reginald Jr. fix things within the alliance. She wants to be feared and obtain notoriety for what she is doing. Alliance positive, corporation positive, brown coats negative, okay with crime, but against organized crime.
Met during orientation for secondary school when she and EVE were 13. They were standing in line together to have their pictures taken for their IDs when they started laughing at the camera man who was calling everyone “Schweety” as they were sitting on the stool.
Has a “boy toy” she calls when she is lonely – Harold Boone (on the run from Dionea’s crime family because he tried to kidnap Dionea).

Fitzgerald “Fitzy” O’Connor (Karl Urban) – 34 – Friend met at school; continued on through university together; went to jail to protect Eve from law after hacking scheme was uncovered. Objective is to show what the alliance is actually doing to people. Rough around the edges, but a big softie when you get to know him.
Met EVE at age 8 when she was trying to get a group of kids to stop tormenting a kitten by throwing rocks at it. He stepped in and helped her.
Last saw EVE when he went to prison protecting her. The two have been communicating via letters ever since Fitzy went to the penal colony. EVE uses a PO Box with a different name so as not to attract attention to her and Fitzy’s relationship. EVE visits Fitzy every year on his birthday and brings him honey cake and news of her adventures.
He is investigating the murder-suicide of his parents because he believes this to be a cover up of an act committed by the Alliance.

Dionaea – friend from university kept in touch over years, utilizing each other’s skills. “The crow flies at midnight” is a code they developed to be used during times of distress or needed cover-up. This code has only gotten them in trouble once, when Sully thought that Di and EVE were fooling around after he found a bra in the engine room. The bra belonged to a female, Kaylee, whom Levi had a tryst with.

Cahlin Guy (Nicholas Hoult) – 36 – Hacker friend, does not agree with Eve helping so many people, but respects her decisions for doing so. Always looking out for number one. Negative Alliance, positive brown coats, negative corporation, neutral crime. Home planet: Deadwood Greatest sense of self. Working to bring down the Alliance without thought as to what may happen to innocent people. Middle Class.
Met online in a chat room through the dark zone speaking about the censorships on the alliance internet system.
Will chat with him via chat rooms on a regular basis.

Reading – antique novels “Pride and Prejudice”
Paint Classes + group.
Learning to play piano
Going to the theater – musicals.
Musical performances – opera.
Crush -
Teens → Adult Fitzgerald “Fitzy”
Friendship turned to like, turned to love. Now jailed for protecting Eve.
Eve visits him bimonthly and delivers food / goodies.
Has had various lovers, but still holds on for Fitzy in hopes he will be released by efforts of family.

  • Reginald Sr. – not happy with Eve’s life decision to leave government work.
  • Veronica – unhappy with Eve for choosing to work instead of marrying like her sister Caili did.
    *Katherine – former friend of Eve; unhappy with Eve’s decision to leave family and friends thinks she should have gotten married and stayed in alliance government position.
  • Reginald Jr. – Disgust for sister leaving family and government.

Canary O’Connor (Alana De La Garza) – 41 – Fitzy’s older sister who presumed Fitzy is covering up for Eve. From Osiris. Positive alliance, neutral brown coats, neutral corporation, and anti-crime. Left her job as a Junior Vice President at Long, Luan, and Sparrow Law firm after her parents were killed to take up a job with the district attorney’s office to begin prosecuting those who were committing crimes instead of helping them. Holds a lot of aggression towards her mother and father. Cold and professional personality, but displays a lot of love towards her two children. She will often take time off from work when the children are out of school on holiday so that she can spend time with them. She looks at time as a precious commodity. She often sends Fitzy letters to update him on herself and the children. The letters also plead for him to stop the “fool’s errand” regarding his parents’ death.
Father – Crispin O’Connor
Mother – Camilla (nee Quinn)
Augustus Townsley – 16 – Canary’s son.
Sophia Townsley – 15 – Canary’s daughter.
Accepts that her parents were killed in a murder-suicide. Last saw EVE on Fitzy’s birthday when EVE was leaving and Canary was coming in.

Most Tragic – being told she was disowned for helping rebels.
Happiest – playing in yard and running around as a child.
Coming of age – Found documents at work detailing destruction of rebel outpost.
First adventure – first thing Eve did by self – helped an elderly couple recover retirement account after corrupt executive took funds – liked helping people – good feelings.

How did you meet:
Duplaix Getties – friend of sister, met while visiting sister.
Dionaea – met at university.

Cross Paths:
Alliance: Met via family, works for.
Brown Coats: Helped elderly couple regain funds; approached by their grandson, Benedict Bonney, to help assist in acquiring info regarding company selling rebel secrets.
Benedict Bonney (Martin Freeman) – 37 – Negative Alliance, Positive Brown Coats, Negative Crime, Neutral Corporations. Home planet is Three Hills in the Georgia System. Tobacconist. Runs Bill Bonney’s Tobacco Shop. Parents are deceased so his grandparents raised him.
Grandfather – William “Bill” Bonney
Grandmother – Martha (nee Wayne)
He enjoys the finer things in life like big breakfasts, tobacco in his pipe, and the comforts of his plantation, Almosta Farm Plantation. Has built the plantation from the small farm his grandparents worked from the time he was young.
EVE last saw Benedict within the past few months when she and Duplaix stopped in to get mini cherry cigars from Bill Bonney’s Tobacco Shop, among other things. Mrs. Bonney invited EVE and Duplaix to have lunch with the family on the back porch of their home.
Benedict sends EVE recordings just to say “hi” and to catch up. During his last message to EVE he informed her that he has met a girl who he thinks could be “the one”. He said he would give her more information when he sees her next.
Blue Sun: Introduced to several executives at parent’s house parties in hope that Eve would marry one of these to help supply funds.
Crossed paths with underworld trading favors for secrets / intel.

Alliance: Negative
Companions: Mixed – sister not happy.
Browncoats: Positive – helping civilians with troubles.
Blue Sun Corp: Positive – helped find hacker in system. – courted by Bennett Tao on board.
Bennett Tao (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) – 42 – Friendly. Former Fiancé. Bennett is not currently dating anyone and will meet with EVE when she is in town to go out to dinner and to fool around. Believes that he and EVE will be together, but not as a married couple. He respects her decision for not wanting to be married, but would like to spend the rest of his life with her. Trying to convince her that they do not have to be married in order to be together. Has a positive disposition and often looks at the positive side of life, as EVE does. He is a technology officer in the Blue Sun Corporation who sought out EVE’s help with a hacker problem when he could not access the hacker’s code. Neutral Alliance, neutral brown coats, positive corporation, negative crime that hurts people, but okay when it helps- i.e. hacking.
Met EVE through a gathering at a birthday party thrown for Fitzy O’Connor by Canary O’Connor. Considered himself lucky to be given a spot on her dancing card during that party.
Last saw EVE when she was on vacation. They went to dinner at The Capital Grill in an effort to recreate their last dinner on Osiris at The Capital Grill. They spent two days together going to parks, dinner, and shopping for antique books.

Alliance: Boo!
Companions – assist / helpful stay away from sister cohorts.
Browncoats – A Okay
Blue Sun – Mixed feelings.
Rim Culture – middle class.
Border – These people need to educate themselves.
Core – jaded; just moving with the music.
Atheist – what do you believe in? Why have no higher power?

Group Dynamics:
Dionaea: Having people die for most $.
Duplaix –
Levi – Doesn’t think Eve has realistic goals.
Dionaea – met at pre-med; college roommates.
Duplaix – Helping get Dionaea
Dark Zone of the Cortex – The Signal – not able to be monitored by the Alliance. Often where the rebels communicate. Know several people and usernames through this area. “You can’t stop the signal” All of the contraband material can be found here and are often available for download. DO NOT DO THIS BECAUSE IS A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE. Profile information is never shared on rebels here, but can find any information on the alliance here. Also danger in the use of this site because feds could be undercover here. Sign-On: PositivePatty13
Could research here to find out information here about Fritzy’s parents.

Evelyn Veronica Edwards

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