Fitzy O'Connor

Evelyn's fall guy


Age: 34
Home Planet: Osiris, currently on Redrock
Face: Karl Urban

Occupation: Cortex Technition (Formerly)
Affiliations: The Signal (Formerly), Redrock Penal Colony

Morality: Good man, even if it means violating the law.

Motivations: Making the world a better, freer, place. To shine the light on what the Alliance is doing to people.

Class: Low class (prisoner).

Parents: Deceased – murder/suicide that FItzy has been investigating for several years, believing it to be a cover up by the Alliance.
Sister: Canary O’Connor

Alliance: –
Browncoats: +
Corporations: –
Crime: + (Not just crime for gain, but illegality as rebellion he’s very supportive of).

Rough around the edges who’s actually a big softie when you get to know him.

Association to Crew:
EV’s friend.

Last Seen:
EV – visits him once a year on his birthday, though she keeps in touch through coded messages when possible.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Met EV when she was trying to get a group of kids to stop throwing stones at a kitten.

Roughly three years ago, he went to prison in place of EV, taking the blame for a job she had pulled. He was sentenced to ten years on Redrock.

None so far.

Fitzgerald “Fitzy” O’Connor (Karl Urban) – 34 – Friend met at school; continued on through university together; went to jail to protect Eve from law after hacking scheme was uncovered.
Dionaea – friend from university kept in touch over years, utilizing each other’s skills. Objective is to show what the alliance is actually doing to people. Rough around the edges, but a big softie when you get to know him.
Met EVE at age 8 when she was trying to get a group of kids to stop tormenting a kitten by throwing rocks at it. He stepped in and helped her.
Last saw EVE when he went to prison protecting her. The two have been communicating via letters ever since Fitzy went to the penal colony. EVE uses a PO Box with a different name so as not to attract attention to her and Fitzy’s relationship. EVE visits Fitzy every year on his birthday and brings him honey cake and news of her adventures.
He is investigating the murder-suicide of his parents because he believes this to be a cover up of an act committed by the Alliance.

Fitzy O'Connor

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