Janyne Quy


Age: 33
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Grace Park

Occupation: Human Resource Worker
Affiliations: Blue Sun

Morality: By the book.

Motivations: Living her life, day by day.

Class: Upper class.

Husband: Albert Quy
Child: Albert Quy (Jr).

Alliance: +
Browncoats: Neutral
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: Friendly, opinionated, not hesitant to express her opinion.

Association to Crew:
EV’s former friend.

Last Seen:
When EV went to Janyne’s house when EV told her that her parents had disowned her and Janyne agreed with her parents (that bitch).

None so far.

Janyne Quy (Grace Park) – 33 – friends since childhood, doesn’t agree with choice to leave family, now only speaks once a year. Writes a letter to EVE once per year to update her on what is going on in her life. Home planet Osiris. Works for Blue Sun Human Resources and is always going by the book. Friendly and opinionated. Not hesitant to express her opinion.
Married to Albert Quy. Has one child, Albert Jr. – 9
EVE went to Janyne’s house to tell her that her family had disowned her for helping the rebels and Janyne agreed with her parents. Ended in a “how could you” fight.

Janyne Quy

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