Katherine Morrow


Age: 34
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Gong Li

Occupation: Business Consultant

Affiliations: Many, mostly Selene Consultants Co.

Morality: Questionable at best, devious, and will often do whatever needs to be done.

Motivations: Notoriety, she wants to be feared.

Class: Upper Class

Parents: Father and Mother – estranged.
Boy toy: Harold Boone

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: (Against organized crime, not opposed to committing them if she can get away with it).

Personality: Friendly, charming, entirely fake.

Association to Crew:
EV’s former friend.

Last Seen:
When EV was 23, and she told EV’s parents that EV had too much sympathy for others.

Notable Moments / Memories:
Met EV when they were thirteen, initiation day for secondary school, laughing together at the camera man who was calling everyone “Shweetie”.

None yet.

Other Notes: Looks at men as conquests, meets with Amelia Murray sometimes for lunch.

Katherine Morrow (Gong Li) – 34 – friend since teens; no longer talking because Katherine told Eve’s parents that Eve had a sympathetic heart when she was 23. A busy business consultant who looks at men as conquests and is often found in the best restaurants in Capital City. Will sometimes meet Amelia (Reginald Jr.’s wife) to have lunch so that people will not discover that she is helping Reginald Jr. fix things within the alliance. She wants to be feared and obtain notoriety for what she is doing. Alliance positive, corporation positive, brown coats negative, okay with crime, but against organized crime.
Met during orientation for secondary school when she and EVE were 13. They were standing in line together to have their pictures taken for their IDs when they started laughing at the camera man who was calling everyone “Schweety” as they were sitting on the stool.
Has a “boy toy” she calls when she is lonely – Harold Boone (on the run from Dionea’s crime family because he tried to kidnap Dionea).

Katherine Morrow

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