Reginald Edwards Jr.

Older brother of Evelyn.


Age: 42
Home Planet: Osiris
Face: Daniel Dae Kim

Occupation: Parliamentarian, House of Lords
Affiliations: Alliance Government

Morality: Practically none, willing to do whatever he needs for personal gain.

Motivations: Power, to be Prime Minister.

Class: Upper Class.

Wife: Amelia Murray (37)
Son(s): Reginald III (15), Victor (13), Octavius (7)
Daughter(s): Abigail (16, going to tech school), Veronica (9)

Alliance: +
Browncoats: –
Corporations: +
Crime: -

Personality: Dry, fakes it to make it.

Association to Crew:
EV’s brother.

Last Seen:
Five years ago, family dinner.

None so far.

Reginald Jr. (Daniel Dae Kim) – 42 – Government Parliament – Economics – married to Amelia (nee Murray) for 17 years; 5 children. Not happy with Eve’s life decision to leave government work. Feels positively about the alliance and corporations and negatively about brown coats. Often seen with a smile at a party. Has disgust for EVE choosing to leave the government and her family. Has not seen EVE for about 5 years.
Amelia Lynn – 37 – once dating Mitchell, but once she found out that Reginald Jr. had aspersions to be in the government set her sights on him. Is known to have lunch with her friends at some of the poshest restaurants in Capital City. Enjoys shopping and will often take her daughters shopping with her to purchase the “best of the best”.
Abigail – 16 – Last saw EVE when he was 11
Reginald III – 15 – Last saw EVE when he was 10
Victor – 13 – Last saw EVE when he was 8
Abigail – 9 – Last saw EVE when she was 4
Octavius – 7 – Last saw EVE when he was 2

Reginald Edwards Jr.

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