The Union of Allied planets is the centralized government of the verse that has officially taken over the local and interplanetary politics of all known planets after their victory over the Independents six years ago. It is a fuedal republic overseen by a legislative parliament and an executive prime minister. While the Core is heavily policed and well developed, the Alliance has struggled to create a similair hold over the border and rim systems, as while their territory has now tripled, their man power has not. While their ranks and strength increase as they absorb already established governments and local enforcements, it is a slow and cumbersome process.

Throughout the verse you will find that money is often the same thing as power. Businesses and corporations can rule in ways that government never can, because unlike the distant parliament, decisions made by corporations directly affect the evryday life of their workforces, which is the same as affecting the people. Unfortunately with the only checks in their power being the rules they can buy, the larger corporations have been known to do anything they can in pursuit of the almighty coin. Including some mighty immoral activities.

Criminal Underworld
The criminal underworld has always, and will always be there. After all, laws are there to restrain the people from doing that which may cause harm, and some folks don’t take well to being told they can’t, or shouldn’t, do a thing. The closer to the core the more consolidated the criminal underworld becomes, with most activities fall beneath the umbrella of the omnipotent Triad. The closer to the rim you fly the sparser the power becomes until it boils down to a few scattered ‘families’. All those worlds in between? That’s where the various criminal organizations rise and fall in a near constant sea of vice and violence.

Schools and Universities
Places of teaching and learning. While most of them are geographically bound they operate through their agents across the ‘verse. Sometimes they even fund various expeditions or travels, or sometimes they offer rewards for artifacts from Earth-that-was. Most people pass through one at some point on the Border, while attendance takes up most of the first twenty to thirty years of your life on the Core. The Rim? If they’ve got learning there it comes second hand from them that know the things you need to learn to stay alive.

The War for Independence, or the Unification War, ended six years ago. Collectively, all those little rebels and freedom fighters and people who fought against the Union of Allied Planets becoming the supreme and central government of the universe, are referred to as ‘Browncoats’ – on account of them being too poor to afford actual military uniforms so… plain brown dusters were what most of them got to wear. With the war over most of these have scattered and become disorganized, though a few still hold out hope, and a few still fight any time they get the chance.

Flocks, Cults, and Temples
Religion in the ‘verse is a tricky thing, mostly made up of two distinct flavors: Buddhism and Christianity. Although with other cultures from Earth-that-was still scattered throughout the verse, the options never really dwindle. Judiasm, Islam, Shintoism, and many other faiths and creeds are out there somewhere, giving people hope, helping them form their philosophies, and driving them to do the things they believe they’re called to do.


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